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shep34 Wrote:
> I am willing to do the Qual/Race for Estoril.
> Someone else can do the Tester's session.....

I can help with that, but I'll need someone to provide me the Track

natasp Wrote:
> shep34 Wrote:
> --------------------------------------------------
> -----
> > I am willing to do the Qual/Race for Estoril.
> > Someone else can do the Tester's session.....
> I can help with that, but I'll need someone to
> provide me the Track

Check the first page of this thread, for the Trackpack download link. Install and try it out....

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GPGSL Rd 12 European GP - Race Day

Part 3

Welcome back for the final time.

We return to find Gustavo attempting to make a move on Scala.

Gustavo will have to wait for another chance to make his move as Scala keeps him behind.

Rodriguez keeps gaining more time on Greidanus.

Keranen looks to be in trouble as Elleker easily gets ahead.

It is day done for Keranen having suffered a blown engine.

Only 5 laps left to go now to finish off this race.

Scala tries for a move on Russell.

Soutsen is right on the back of Hinz.

Greidanus is doing all he can to hold off Rodriguez, but at the same time it is allowing the cars behind to close in more.

Very soon Hinz is going to be defending from both of the MM cars.

Here is how the top 10 looks currently.

Greidanus must surely be feeling the pressure holding off Rodriguez.

It’s not just the battle for the final podium spot that is heating up. Russell has his hands full holding down 11th from both of the cars behind him.

Gustavo has gone into the wall.

The replay shows that he went off on his own.

Only 2 laps left to go now.

Worseling has gotten ahead of Scala and now sits in the final points position.

However he isn’t quite safe in that position just yet.

Only 1 lap left for Greidanus as he continues to hold off Rodriguez.

Kederer has finally gotten closer to the back of the train and now has a chance to try and bag a few more points.

Vilela is off in the sand and out of the race with Brake Failure.

Four wide on the run into Bus Stop.

Kederer is now ahead of Sakata. That gives him an extra point towards the championship battle.

Greidanus did all he could to hold onto 3rd for as long as he did, but the pace of the MTP was clearly more superior in the second stint.

Pedersen comes out of the Bus Stop for the final time.

And takes the chequered flag to win the European GP.

Buitenhuis takes 2nd.

And Rodriguez rounds off the podium in 3rd.

Congratulations Michael Pedersen and MAC Racing, our Rd 12 winners.

Race Director: Ernie B. Ecclescake

GPGTV Youtube Channel
GPGSL Rd 12 European GP Official Results

Race Result

Fastest Laps

Could be happier about the result if Michael didn't win :/

With 2 races to go the top 3 have more points than last season's champion.
Back to back wins for Michael and MAC at Spa.

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Proud of my Mistral elders once again, regardless of the result.
That spin in the first part of the race cost me dearly, threw away a solid points finish. The pace was there.

Nice coverage by the way (Y)

used to be GPGSL's Nick Heidfeld

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Grand Slam baby.

Great job by Ruben as well, so close to a double podium but still solid points for the championship.

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GPGSL Season 13, Round 12 - European GP - Official Results

Boost Announcement

Applications for team and driver boosts for Round 13 PORTUGESE GRAND PRIX - Estoril are now open. The closing date is 8pm GMT SUNDAY 26th APRIL 2020.
For team boost you must state whether your team requires a single boost or a double.
Please use the subject "Team Boost - (team's name) - Portugal / Estoril"in - (Single/Double)[/b]". For drivers boost "Driver Boost - (driver's name) - Portugal / Estoril".

Boost applications must be sent to the GPGSL. Any applications not following these instructions will be rejected.

PLEASE ALSO NOTE : Failure to provide your driver name or team name as entered into the GPGSL "MAY" result in boost not allocated. Last round, one driver and one team failed to provide their names, but out of the goodwill from the GPGSL, boost was applied

SEASON 13 Race Calendar

The GPGSL reserves the right to change venues for S13

Round 01: AUSTRALIAN GRAND PRIX - Melbourne - Winner : Ruben Greidanus - MAC Racing
Round 02: MALAYSIAN GRAND PRIX - Sepang - Winner : Luke Russell- Christel VXR Racing
Round 03: ITALIAN GRAND PRIX - Autodromo Nazionale Monza - John Warrington - Tyrant Motorsports
Round 04: BELGIAN GRAND PRIX - Zolder - Winner : Luke Russell- Christel VXR Racing
Round 05: GROSSER PREIS VON ÖSTERREICH - Michael Pedersen - MAC Racing
Round 06: GRAND PRIX DU CANADA - Circuit Gilles Villeneuve - Carlos Rodriguez - Maverick Track Performance
Round 07: UNITED STATES GRAND PRIX - Circuit of The Americas - Winner : Luke Russell- Christel VXR Racing
Round 08: GRANDE PRÊMIO DO BRASIL - Autódromo José Carlos Pace - Winner : Michael Pedersen - MAC Racing
Round 09: GROTE PRIJS VAN FLEVOLAND - Emmeloord - Winner : Paulo Silva - Ecurie Mistral
Round 10: AZERBAIJAN GRAND PRIX - Baku - Winner : Sean O'Neill - Alpha Motorsports
Round 11: GROSSER PREIS VON DEUTSCHLAND - Hockenheimring (Classic Layout) - Winner : Tobias Kederer - Alpha Motorsports
Round 12: EUROPEAN GRAND PRIX - Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps - Winner : Michael Pedersen - MAC Racing

Round 13: PORTUGESE GRAND PRIX - Estoril - 15% Weather - 10 AI Errors (after TESTING)

Round 14: BRITISH GRAND PRIX - Silverstone Circuit (Layout TBA) - 50% Weather - 14 AI Errors

Nice result team! Two races left but I am sure Tobi will find something up his sleeve :)

Dominik Karda | MAC Racing - #7 - Race Driver
Slightly disappointed with the result, but it is otherwise nothing to be ashamed of.

Onto the next one.

Christel VXR driver #6.

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:-o:-o;););):-o YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh YES!!!!!!!!!!!
Bad pitstop strategy by going first of all drivers, tyres were gone in the end. Disappointment season.

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I'm a total dick. How many people can say that?
Great race for me, happy with 2nd place after my bad performances lately..
Sucks for Aidan that his engine blew up, hopefully better luck for him next time!

No points again... Let's go to Portugal hoping for a better race this time.


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