GPGSL S13 - R14 British Grand Prix / Silverstone - Stay safe and enjoy some quality virtual racing [S14 track voting open, details p. 114]

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Just wanted to wish all involved in this little bit of fun we call GPGSL, a Merry Christmas. May you all be safe, happy and hopefully on Santa's good list.
Personally, i am looking forward to Xmas Day of no doubt building endless Lego, eating too much and drinking perhaps a bit too much. Then on the 26th hitting the bike for a ride, the paths for a run as i try to burn off all those calories, so i can squeeze my big fat guts into the cockpit, ahead of the next round of GPGSL at the COTA.
See ya all there.....

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Merry christmas to you all, can't wait to eat for a week straight and spend some quality time with my family. Love the holiday without even being a christian. Girlfriend always mocks me about how much i adore Christmas, even as an adult ^^.

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Merry Christmas into the world from me, too, since I'll travel a lot in the coming days and probably won't be around in the next days to wish you calm and peaceful holidays.

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Not a good result in Canada, but at least I finished the race this time. Hopefully we can improve after the Christmas break.

Also Merry Christmas to all in the GPGSL :-)

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Merry Christmas to everyone! =)
Merry chrisamus to everyone



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Merry Christmas to everyone in GPGSL! :-)
+1 everyone ;)

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Guys, for me, the best thing that happened this year was to meet you all and this amazing game.

Merry Christmas to everyone!

Merry christmas, folks, don't crash!

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Merry Christmas to everyone.

Ho ho ho! Merry christmas everyone, I hope you all have a nice time with friends & family. I gave Santa his sleigh a minor upgrade, so hopefully he can also be home in time :-)

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Merry Christmas all, and a good new year as well!

Merry Christmas guys, I hope you all have a good time!

Miss the Christmas race on a snowy Spa. :(

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Nice one Charrel but I think it might need some snow tyres just in case ;)

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Merry activity check!

What do you know, we also keep a naughty & nice list. And two people have been very naughty. These are:

Maximilian Schieder (SCR), last posted on October 7
Nico Beggani (Mistral), last posted on November 11

Both are on their third and final warning. And in lieu of coal, the league grants them:

Twin Santa boots!

Happy holidays to you all, and merry whatever you celebrate! Stay safe, and enjoy.

What an unholy Christmas present. You're really cruel, Carlos! ;)

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Schieder, again?

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I'm a total dick. How many people can say that?
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