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Good job boys, let's have a strong race

I hope that the tapes of the video coverage from the race aren't damaged by the notorious Malaysian torrential rain.

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I'm a total dick. How many people can say that?
Dramatic qualifying, but this will be fun starting from the back. Beware, there is Jalving coming to the front!

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Bad, bad, very bad qualy... but we still have the race.

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Ooh I'll take it thank you very much. I'll take a good result in the race as well, if you would.

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Yes! Get in! First career pole position - hoping to turn it into a solid haul of points on race day!

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Indonesia fires caused too much smog for us to race any time soon I guess.

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GPGSL Rd 2 Malaysian GP – Race Day

Part 1

We are back once again and ready for the start of the race. Russell is on pole position and has Buitenhuis alongside him. With the rain once again playing its part we have no idea what to expect from the drivers here today.

Weather Report

Here we go. All the cars are lined up and we are set for the start. Who will win the run down into turn 1? We’ll find out very shortly.

They’re off!

Silva gets ahead of Russell to take the race lead after making a really good start.

Lots of cars are close together further back in the field.

O’Neill lost a position to Worseling through the first few corners and now loses another one to Elleker. The AMR driver also manages to get ahead of the SCR.

Beggani heads a train of cars.

Up at the front there is contact between Russell and Silva.

That allows the Christel driver to take the lead and leaves the Mistral driver vulnerable to the cars behind.

Fastest lap goes to Scala.

Both Buitenhuis and Scala have gotten ahead of Silva.

Hinz goes for a move on Keranen.

And he succeeds with his move.

We have our first yellow of the race out.

Here is why it is out. Pedersen has gone off into the sand.

Not long after rejoining he runs off the track again.

Scala attempts to make a move on Buitenhuis which is successfully blocked by the TNR driver.

De Bruyker sits in 15th and is in close proximity to the cars ahead of him.

He goes for a move on Gilson.

It ends up being an unsuccessful move for the Tyrant driver.

Vilela is looking for a move on McClure.

And the Demon driver gets it done at the hairpin.

Russell now takes the fastest lap.

Down the main straight and Elleker is looking to regain his position back from Rodriguez.

De Bruyker gets ahead of Gilson.

Now the SCR driver has to defend from Sakata.

He loses the position to the Christel driver and loses another position to Kederer.

Looking back from Greidanus we can see how close Jalving is to him.

Warrington looks to have lost his position to Soutsen.

Let’s have a look at the current standings.

Soutsen has ended up losing a bunch of places.

Kederer has also lost a few positions.

Keranen gets ahead of the Alpha as well.

We have a TNR off in the distance.

It is Keranen who has gone off. He had only just gotten ahead of Kederer so it looks like his car has suffered a mechanical failure.

Transmission Failure brings the race to an end for the TNR driver.

De Bruyker looks to be making a move on Beggani.

And he succeeds in getting ahead.

O’Neill loses a position to both Sakata and Gilson.

Both De Bruyker and Rodriguez have gone off in separate incidents.

Both are able to rejoin.

Soutsen and Worseling go side by side through the hairpin.

It is the SCR driver who gets ahead, leaving Soutsen to defend from Elleker.

At the front we can see the gap between Russell and Buitenhuis.

Gilson has managed to get ahead of Sakata.

Jalving now finds himself in an Alpha sandwich.

That looks a little bit too close for comfort for De Bruyker as he comes extremely close to running off the road for a second time.

Pitstops are now underway as the top 3 are all in.

That gives the lead to Silva.

Worseling and Soutsen are both in.

Kederer has now gone off.

He attempts to rejoin, but ends up stalling the car in the process. As a result he is now out of the race.

First ad break of the coverage starts now. We hope to be back again very soon.

Race Director: Ernie B. Ecclescake

GPGTV Youtube Channel
Once more absolute bullshit.

Considering the massive amounts of incidents I have my doubts that you're using the trackpack version...

Some mods
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GPGSL Rd 2 Malaysian GP - Race Day

Part 2

Welcome back.

Plenty of pitstop action is about to take place.

With Kederer now out of the race the hopes for points for Alpha now falls onto O’Neill.

Silva looks to be under a lot of pressure from Vilela.

More cars are now in.

Worseling and Soutsen look set to continue their battle.

It’s still close between Silva and Vilela.

Greidanus goes for a move on Sakata.

It’s a successful move for the MAC driver.

That doesn’t look too good for the Christel driver.

Vilela and Beggani are in. That now gives Silva some breathing space.

Sakata manages to get back onto the track.

Pedersen is in.

Soutsen looks close enough to the back of Worseling to attempt a move.

Rodriguez is in to make his stop.

Soutsen succeeds in getting ahead of the SCR.

Buitenhuis is having a very good race so far.

Not much in it between O’Neill, Jalving and Hinz.

In comes McClure.

Silva is off the track at turn 1.

A Water Leak brings his race to an end.

With all cars having made their pitstop let’s take a look at the standings once again.

Vilela looks to have plenty of space between himself and Warrington.

For Warrington it is unclear on the exact split time between himself and McClure.

Beggani is now the sole remaining hope for Mistral for any chance at scoring points now that Silva is out of the race.

We could have a very intense battle for the final podium positions on our hands very soon.

Pedersen is now up to 16th. He surely must be thinking what could’ve been had it not been for his mistakes earlier.

The MM Motorsports teammates look set to go into battle with each other.

The gap between Scala and Vilela looks to have gotten a bit smaller.

Elleker is putting the pressure on Worseling and could make his move soon.

Oh no. Worseling has been turned around and no doubt it was the result of contact between the AMR and SCR.

The replay confirms that there was indeed contact between the two.

Worseling recovers and gets going again.

Rodriguez goes for a move on Sakata, only for the Christel driver to succeed in defending his position.

Greidanus now finds himself in a points scoring position.

We have another yellow out.

This time it is for O’Neill.

Replay shows he went off on his own.

At least he is able to recover and continue on.

As we head into the final laps of this race let’s check out the standings.

Time for our final break. When we return we’ll be going straight to the end of the race.

Race Director: Ernie B. Ecclescake

GPGTV Youtube Channel
Bad for Toby going off like he did. So much rain is making it a difficult race, hopefully I can achieve some points.


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Bleh, it's like the worst start of the race I ever had. No idea how I ended up being behind Warrington at the first section of the corners. Anyway, now I just need some team orders to take place because I promise I'm going for a pass on Daly no matter he gets out of the way or not.

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Wow, 11th place from the back. Have to keep focus.

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I'm a total dick. How many people can say that?
Crap, a DNF!


Soutsen Wrote:
> now I just need some team orders to take
> place because I promise I'm going for a pass on
> Daly no matter he gets out of the way or not.

MMM's drivers are free to race each other, just bring the cars home

GPGSL Rd 2 Malaysian GP - Race Day

Part 3

Welcome back for the final time.

Beggani has managed to close the gap to Elleker. Pretty soon he could be in a position to make a move.

It’s still on between Sakata and Rodriguez.

The gap has gotten smaller once again between Vilela and Scala.

Russell still leads by roughly 2s.

Vilela is really close now to the back of Scala’s MTP.

With Scala having to focus on defending his position from Vilela it is allowing Buitenhuis to slowly increase the gap back to the duelling pair.

Sakata has spun. We have no way of knowing if there was contact made between Sakata and Rodriguez.

He manages to get going again, only now he’ll have to start preparing for defending his position from O’Neill.

Vilela has managed to get ahead of Scala. The pace in the Demon is looking really good for sure.

Now Scala has to defend from Warrington.

There isn’t much in it between Beggani and Elleker.

It looks like Pedersen has closed in enough on Hinz to be in striking distance for a passing move.

He goes for his move at the hairpin.

And the MAC driver succeeds in getting by.

There is still a chance for Buitenhuis to close in more on Russell for a chance to take the race lead away.

Warrington is now up into 4th.

Scala just doesn’t seem to have the same pace as he did earlier and will most likely be frustrated as a result of that.

4 laps to go and Worseling currently holds the final points finish position. Though that can all change depending on if Jalving can somehow manage to get close enough for a move.

It just hasn’t been De Bruyker’s day ever since making his mistake earlier in the race.

It would appear that O’Neill has succeeded in getting ahead of Sakata.

Not many laps left to go now.

The pace in the Demon is phenomenal as Vilela has closed in a lot to the back of Buitenhuis’s TNR.

It could also give Vilela a chance at chasing down Russell for the lead if he can find a way past.

Beggani just can’t seem to get close enough to Elleker to go for his move.

Behind them Gilson is doing all he can to keep Greidanus behind him.

Vilela feels he is close enough to make his move.

He can’t get it done this time.

He tries again on the run down to turn 1.

Again he can’t get ahead of the TNR.

Beggani makes his move on Elleker that looks to be a successful move.

Vilela tries again for a third time.

This time he finally gets ahead of Buitenhuis.

Beggani manages to stay ahead of Elleker through the first few turns.

Gilson must surely be feeling the pressure that is being applied by Greidanus.

Rodriguez is off the track once again.

His race comes to an end thanks to Suspension Failure.

Pedersen’s move on Jalving was missed by the cameras. Now he attempts to make a move on Worseling.

It’s a successful move that sees the MAC driver take the final points scoring position.

One lap left to go for Russell.

Greidanus takes advantage of the slipstream from Gilson’s SCR and goes for a move into turn 1.

He succeeds in moving ahead.

That isn’t the spray of water coming from the rear of McClure’s MMM.

He pulls off to the side of the track to retire due to Engine Failure.

Russell takes the chequered flag to win the Malaysian GP.

Vilela takes 2nd.

Buitenhuis takes 3rd and the final podium spot.

Hang on, it looks like Beggani has lost a bunch of positions.

There seems to be smoke coming from the rear of the car, which explains the loss of positions for the Mistral driver.

He pulls off onto the grass with only one corner remaining. He’ll be gutted by this for sure.

A Water Leak is the cause for Beggani’s retirement.

Congratulations once again to Luke Russell and Christel VXR.

Race Director: Ernie B. Ecclescake

GPGTV Youtube Channel
GPGSL Rd 2 Malaysian GP Official Results

Race Result

Fastest Lap

Anyone able to explain how McClure ended up finishing ahead of Beggani in the standings despite retiring before Beggani?

Race Director: Ernie B. Ecclescake

GPGTV Youtube Channel
Finishing 8th, what a race.

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I'm a total dick. How many people can say that?
Not bad I guess, pace dropped off towards the end of the race though which was a shame, could have been even higher up

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