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Posted by GPGSL 
Re: GPGSL R2 - S13 Malaysian GP - Sepang [Testers P20]
Date: September 07, 2019 01:13PM
Posted by: kedy89
clearly I should've run it

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Re: GPGSL R2 - S13 Malaysian GP - Sepang [Testers P20]
Date: September 07, 2019 01:28PM
Posted by: Darksoul
Great result for the team! Despite the weather we do seem to have a really good car this season!

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Re: GPGSL R2 - S13 Malaysian GP - Sepang [Testers P20]
Date: September 07, 2019 01:30PM
Posted by: shep34
So far, a weekend to not be overly thrilled about for DMR. Fingers crossed the race gives us some form of joy....

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Re: GPGSL R2 - S13 Malaysian GP - Sepang [Testers P20]
Date: September 07, 2019 02:17PM
Posted by: JayB_7
So close to pole position.. but I’m delighted to start from the first row! Congrats to Luke, this could be a really interesting race, top 5 maybe? Maybe podium? Can’t wait for the race.

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Frustrating to get caught out by the conditions

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Scoring the identical times with Carlos kind of proves me doing it right with quitting from MTP in order to have my race seat from the start of the season. Always love the wet conditions btw, it seems like I'm getting faster during the rain. Maybe I can get my first podium tomorrow.

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SchueyFan schrieb:
> Frustrating to get caught out by the conditions

+1, not cool. That was a lottery.

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10th place for me during a wet quay, hopefully it will be a dry race.
A poor placing for Toby in 15th but hopefully with his skill and experience he will get in the points.


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This is hurting the fight for the championship with this lottery in qualifying. A point finishing is not gonna happen i'm afraid.

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Well that wasn't good...

Great qualy by Paulo and in a good spot for a great race.
Nico made his best with bad conditions. Hopefully he can score some points anyway.

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Could have gone better, still a solid result. Can’t wait for the race :-)

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Unlucky boys, I know you will get 'em in the race.

At least it will be an exciting race with the mixed-up starting grid


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senna9194 schrieb:
> Could have gone better, still a solid result.
> Can’t wait for the race :-)

Exactly my thoughts. I had hoped for a little bit more with a double boost but then again I shouldn't complain about my 2nd and having 4th and 6th after qualifying. My hope is that the engine boost will give its magic in the race.

Anderson was somewhat unlucky but no worries mate, there's still plenty of time to get used to the car and everything. No star has been born in the first 2 races ;-)

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Happy to start 7th on the grid, great result. We'll see what I can deliver from there.

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3rd? Looks promising for the race.


Thanks for support and trust, boss.

Race will be far better than what we have so far.

Anyway, great lap!

Arggh almost made it in the top ten. But its a good position for point hunting



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A great qualifying from Luke. We timed the run beautifully and he made the most of the conditions to take pole position: the first for Christ’s racing. I wonder if the unimaginable is doable in the race.

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