Making Mods

Posted by Tomobiwan06 
Making Mods
Date: June 08, 2019 10:21PM
Posted by: Tomobiwan06
Hello! I have been wondering ever since I got GP4 as to how I can create mods for the game? Could anyone help me get started, I can't see any tutorials online - perhaps I'm just not looking properly?

Thanks very much!
Re: Making Mods
Date: June 09, 2019 12:25AM
Posted by: Excalibur

First of all, I would suggest you to read the GP4 FAQ, you will find useful informations about CSM mods: []
Then, the 2009 empty mod by B-tone (It seems that there is an installation guide included): []

Also, using the Search function with key words could give you specific informations on wellknown and solved problems from past to present.

I am not a CSM user so I can't help but feel free to ask questions if you don't find what you are looking for, after reading the GP4 FAQ.


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Re: Making Mods
Date: June 09, 2019 10:17AM
Posted by: Tomobiwan06
Thanks very much! Are there any ways to create a mod without CSM or modifying the game's files directly or is that not possible?

Thanks once again!
Re: Making Mods
Date: June 09, 2019 02:19PM
Posted by: Excalibur
Yes, it is possible to modify the game files directly without CSM.
Here is a non-exhaustive list of possibilities:
-Modify cars and textures
-Modify cockpits and textures
-Install new tracks
-Modify physics
-Modify track cameras
-Modify team garages textures for engineers and pitcrews
-Modify tyres and textures
-Modify helmets and textures
-Modify steering wheels
-Modify sounds
-Install new graphics (drivers, grid, team logos into the menu; HUD and others panels in game)
-Modify teams and drivers names,order, abilities, performances ; camera positions; helmets, st wheels, tyres, rear ambient and rear_lights positions
-Modify different game datas such as points rewards for a championship (depending of the season you are playing)

And you know what?... It is just a short list of possibilities :-)

But you should start with these basics and learn to use tools

- To install new cars, tyres, helmets, cockpit, st wheels and textures related: Wadupdater4.2 by Lo2k: [] (necessary to extract files, modify and recompile cars.wad)
- To install new tracks: Track installer1.3 by Duffer: [] or TSM (Zaz Tools): [] (you can use TSM without CSM and don't worry about your antivirus warning. It is a false positive)
-To modify teams names and order, drivers and team names, teams and drivers abilities, performances, cameras positions; tyres, stwheels, helmets positions with 3Dview editing: TeamEditor 3.5 by LO2k: [] (guide inside the archive)
-To convert tyres positions; Note that with TeamEditor, you can only set the tyre positions for all the teams, not each team separately. You will need teditor_tweaker by Gezere to convert teameditor positions to GP4Tweaker positions for each team (see below): []
- Another way to modify tyres, helmets, stwheels, rear lights positions for each car; arms and rims colors, numbers of cars on track etc...: GP4tweaker_v1045_reloaded by Madman: []
Same with TeamEditor but without 3D view editing and with more possibilities. You can both use TeamEditor and Gp4Tweaker to edit settings positions but you have to know that when GP4tweaker .ini files are enabled, the settings you apply with TeamEditor are disabled. Gp4Tweaker settings pass over teameditor. BTW, you can use teameditor for some settings and use gp4tweaker for others settings
- GP4 Tweaker Real Time Edit by MadMan: Another way to find coordinates positions for gp4tweaker if you don't want to use TeamEditor. tutorial here: []
- Editing drivers and teams performances,physics, tyres compounds choices for each team or driver, rims colors, gears, physics, installing HUD,new panels etc: Gpxpatch by SDI (Tool needed): []
-Modify Menu graphics (drivers, grid cars, teams logos and others .gpi files): GpiBrowser v1.2 by LO2K: []
-Modify Points rewards: Rewards1.6 by LO2K: []

There are others ways and others possibilities to modify your files but here are the common ones.

Just a few recommandations as you seem to be new here :
1- You will find tutorials into the GP4Faq about the subjects listed above. Others tutorials may be found on the net (google is your friend)
2- For installation tools, modifying files or others troubleshootings, threads have been created by the past to help others and to solve problems: Use the search function before to open a new thread. you will find your answer at 90% and for what you need above at almost 100% ;-)
3- Use the existing threads for help if you have a question related. It will be easier and more visible for others to answer you
4- If no thread has been opened for your specific problem and if you want to get the best help possible, don't forget to be precise in your title. The more you will be precise, the more you will have a chance to get a quick answer. ;-)
5- If your problem has been solved, don't forget to edit the title of your first post with the mention [Solved] or [Fixed] to help others people (visibility) ;-)


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Re: Making Mods
Date: June 09, 2019 05:17PM
Posted by: Tomobiwan06
Thank you very much for all of the help!
Re: Making Mods
Date: June 09, 2019 07:05PM
Posted by: rracunis
Arnaud , amazing the way you are always available to help people here (Y)
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