GPxPatch 4.52 [Released]

Posted by SDI 
Re: GPxPatch 4.52 [Released]
Date: April 15, 2019 01:40PM
Posted by: C490
But why AI has smaller variance in performance ?

Is it because performance file grip value has less effect in when "old behaviour" selected ?
I feel still confused a little what is the best way to finetune AI vs human performance.

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Re: GPxPatch 4.52 [Released]
Date: April 15, 2019 02:49PM
Posted by: SDI
The "old behaviour" is basically the same as belini's grip and bhp patch, but without the above mentioned part of the grip patch that also affects computer controlled cars (so yes, "old behaviour" has less effect on grip).
The "new behaviour" is basically the same as belini's grip and bhp patch, but with an additional patch to exclude the magic data power and grip factors for player controlled cars.

The player master grip is also based on belini's grip patch, but is always applied when it appears in the performance file. It is independent of the "Player car performance team dependent" option.

Normally you'd tune the CC's first, and then calibrate your own performance using player master grip. When you use the "Player car performance team dependent" option you get the performance the chosen car has. But you can then still finetune it using player master grip, and it won't affect your team mate. The CC tuning should be redone when using "new behaviour". The whole reason for having "old behaviour" as an option was to be able to use old performance files that were tuned for it.

I totally understand why it is confusing. Perhaps I should make the additional CC grip patch an independent option. I included it in "new behaviour", but clearly this was a mistake as that option should only affect the player. If I do make it a separate option, it should not affect existing behaviour, so the default value should be true only when the "Player car performance team dependent" is true and not set to "old behaviour". I just need a good name for it, maybe something like "belini's additional grip patch"?

René Smit, Independent Software Developer.
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Re: GPxPatch 4.52 [Released]
Date: April 15, 2019 04:10PM
Posted by: C490
Thanks René.

Much more clear now. Now it's very clear why newer gpxpatch makes older mods and performance files behaving "worse"
I was so confused that i was thinking to downgrade to older version of gpxpatch.
I was wondering that my long time ago carefully fine tuned things via magic data and performance files, suddenly behave oddly if not old behaviour is selected.
New behaviour opens up new dimensions for fine tune (player car independence from magic data) , while old behaviour provides legacy support (with appropiate magic data)
So what i was thinking is a bug, now i think it is a feature :) However you are right about a bit odd naming.

Other question.
I am trying to upgrade my older mods and finetune again for new gpxpatch. Now it seems everything about right , top speeds cornering speeds (human vs AI)
But i feel like AI starts braking a bit too early or their brakes are weak. Is it CC line problem ? Or can i have a hope that i can make AI to brake more agressively via new gpxpatch option ?
I do not really understand of Brakemin , Brakemax options. May i ask for some reference value ? (not very sure it it's a multiplicator , override , or to be added/subtracted, or a centerpoint of a range)

Very low agressiveness: BrakingRangeMin ?, BrakingRangeMax?
Low agressiveness : BrakingRangeMin ?, BrakingRangeMax?
Default : BrakingRangeMin ?, BrakingRangeMax?
High agressiveness : BrakingRangeMin ?, BrakingRangeMax?
Very high agressiveness: BrakingRangeMin ?, BrakingRangeMax?
Re: GPxPatch 4.52 [Released]
Date: April 15, 2019 04:31PM
Posted by: SDI
BrakingRangeMin and BrakingRangeMax together work like a range around a default braking point. The car is likely to brake randomly within that range (smaller range makes the driver brake more consistently). A higher value means he can brake later. You can try to increase both values with steps of 1000 until you're satisfied, then 100 to finetune. And then lower BrakingRangeMin to make them brake earlier sometimes. I can't tell you exact values for low or high aggressiveness, this is something you'll have to try for yourself. But it would help others if you posted your results here :)

René Smit, Independent Software Developer.
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Re: GPxPatch 4.52 [Released]
Date: April 15, 2019 05:45PM
Posted by: C490
Yeah i would be happy to share, but at this moment i do not even know where to start.

Sample of magic data values are as below:

desc51=64768 ( Brakemin ? Sometimes called race grip or added to car.field_108. related to cc grip factor)
desc52=512 ( Brakemax ? Sometimes called race grip fine tune.)

If i want to try to modify by 1000 as you suggested what should i input into performance file ?

A. 1000
B. -1000
C. 63768 (64768-1000)
D. 65768 (64768+1000)

From GPXpathch manual: Note that if you edit the magic data, negative values will be between 32768 (equals -32768) and 65535 (equals -1)
I am not even sure what makes the car brake earlier .. 32768 or 65535 ?
Re: GPxPatch 4.52 [Released]
Date: April 15, 2019 07:18PM
Posted by: SDI
The center point is 0. Using a negative value like -1000 will make them brake earlier than normal. And a positive value like 1000 will make them braker later than normal.

For the performance file you shouldn't use values higher than 32767 or lower than -32768. And as the magic data values are added to it, I'd say keep it between -15000 and 15000.

You can edit desc51 and desc52 in the magic data, but I suggest you experiment by changing it in the performance file instead. This is much easier, though each value only affects one car (or team).

If you want to make them more aggressive start with both BrakingRangeMin and BrakingRangeMax set to 1000. If you want to make them less aggressive, set them to -1000. Continue with steps of 1000 until you're satisfied.

To answer you question about desc51: The value 64768 would be -768 in the performance file (64768 - 65536). Adding 1000 will set it to 232. The number 65768 is not a valid 16-bit number. The highest valid number is 65535. As a signed number this is -1.
A value of -1000 would be 65536 - 1000 = 65436 in the magic data.

I suggest to keep BrakingRangeMax equal to or higher than BrakingRangeMin. Same for the magic data, after conversion to signed numbers.

René Smit, Independent Software Developer.
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Re: GPxPatch 4.52 [Released]
Date: April 15, 2019 07:23PM
Posted by: Meteoro405
Hi René. I went back to try the mod WEC P1 (which uses 4 cars wad depending on the track) and I noticed that it only compiles 3 ... I had never used it with the 4.52 ... can it be a gpxpatch error?

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Re: GPxPatch 4.52 [Released]
Date: April 15, 2019 08:13PM
Posted by: SDI
Can you be more specific? I'm not sure what you mean.

René Smit, Independent Software Developer.
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Re: GPxPatch 4.52 [Released]
Date: April 15, 2019 10:14PM
Posted by: C490
Thanks René :)
I will experiment as you suggested. Thanks for your detailed explanation :)
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