GPGSL S12 R14 Flevoland GP - Rubendrome, Emmeloord [Testers Q&R p.122 | Quali p.123 Race p.124!!!]

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8th on the grid, not bad if we can do a fast and clean run to the first corner ;-)

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Nice, I'll take that

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kedy89 Wrote:
> Sure, Tyrants up front despite no driver boost, I
> call bullshit

Got to love that engine boost ;)

Yeeeaaaahhhh I think feature races will be my nemesis from now on

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Yesss finally P1 great qualy!!



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JohnWarrington schrieb:
> kedy89 Wrote:
> --------------------------------------------------
> -----
> > Sure, Tyrants up front despite no driver boost,
> I
> > call bullshit
> Got to love that engine boost ;)

b u l l s h i t

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Yay! Final row for me.

Go McClure! :)


poor performance in the testers, much better second time around! i will take 7th :)

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NickJW Schreef:
> Yesss finally P1 great qualy!!

Congrats on the pole position mate! What a fantastic lap for you, but be sure I will go full mental in the first lap starting next to you hot

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A really good qualifying for the team. (Y)

Kimi forever!
danm schrieb:
> []

(Y) Made me laugh

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Race has been run. Hoping to have the first part or two uploaded by later tonight.

GPGSL Rd 12 Italian GP – Race Day

Part 1

Hello and welcome back once again to Monza. Today is race day for the race drivers, and we should be in for a fantastic race. Worseling took pole in his SCR in qualifying and will be looking to try and convert it to a race victory, but with 28 laps ahead of him and 21 other drivers looking to claim the victory for themself he’ll have his work cut out for sure. The cars can be heard returning from their warmup lap so let’s head trackside as we prepare for the start.

Weather Report

We are set for the start. Worseling is on pole, and Jalving is alongside. Who will win the run down to Rettifilio? We’ll find out momentarily.

The lights are out and the race is on!

All of the cars spread out across the road as they charge towards Rettifilio, while McClure decides to go up the inside in an attempt to take the race lead.

It’s a successful move by the Mistral driver.

It looks like all of the cars have made it through Rettifilio safely.

Back to the front and Worseling has managed to take back the lead from McClure at the second chicane.

Now the Mistral driver will have to defend from the cars behind.

We go onboard with De Bruyker as he attempts to make a move on O’Neill on the run down to Ascari.

He succeeds in making his move as we get our first yellow flag of the race.

That’s McClure and Worseling! What has happened to our leaders?

The replay shows us that McClure was attempting a move up the inside of Worseling.

But it doesn’t work out for the Mistral driver as he makes contact with the SCR, sending Worseling off into the sand and himself into a spin.

Warrington also runs wide though he is able to recover, but can’t get back up to speed quick enough which allows Hinz to move by into the lead.

Worseling and McClure both manage to get going again, however their chance at a good result is now out of their reach.

Jalving and Warrington go at it through Rettifilio which sees the Demon driver get ahead.

Kederer has been spun around.

The replay shows a lot of brake lockups heading into Rettifilio, however it is Silva who ends up bumping into Kederer which sends the Alpha into a spin.

Kederer gets going again and will no doubt be frustrated.

Through the second chicane and both Russell and Gilson succeed in making their moves.

Vilela and Greidanus go side by side through Lesmos.

We get a good shot of back half of the top 10.

Through Ascari and Vilela finds himself both attacking and defending.

On the run down to Parabolica O’Neill goes for a move up the inside.

And it’s a successful move by the Alpha driver.

Vilela has managed to get ahead of Greidanus.

Rodriguez has a chance to make a move on his teammate if he can get closer.

Warrington is once again back ahead of Jalving.

Russell succeeds in making a move on O’Neill.

That’s Greidanus off in the sand.

He rejoins and just barely misses the MMM in the process.

The replay shows that the Snake driver locked up leading to him running off the road.

Steer goes for a move on Keranen.

He doesn’t make it work out and instead it is Keranen who gets ahead of his teammate.

Through Lesmos and Silva looks to be preparing for a move on Soutsen.

It’s still really close between Steer and both Snakes.

Keranen runs wide allowing Greidanus to go through and Steer to close in more. Further back it looks like Silva is in trouble and a Christel is in the sand.

Worseling and McCarthy are unfortunately caught up in the chaos as they try to get through unscathed, though for Worseling he hits Silva which means he’ll need to make an unscheduled stop for a new wing.

The replay shows Silva going for an almost identical move that his teammate made earlier, though unlike earlier he doesn’t end up spinning as both he and Soutsen run off the track.

As Silva rejoins he is hit from behind by Worseling, while Soutsen will be hoping to avoid being hit as he comes back onto the track backwards.

Silva is now out of the race, and Soutsen is out as well.

Worseling and McCarthy are in the pits for an unscheduled stop. It looks like McCarthy had hit the back of Soutsen’s Christel as he was rejoining.

With Soutsen now out of the race that leaves Russell as the sole remaining Christel driver. We can see that he has lost some time back to O’Neill.

Back onboard with De Bruyker as the Tyrant driver looks for another attempt at getting ahead of Jalving.

Scala is off the track and in the sand at Lesmos.

The replays shows that he went in on his own.

We have another Snake off the road, and this time it’s Keranen. He manages to get back ontrack with only one position lost.

De Bruyker looks in trouble on the run down to Parabolica.

Fortunately the Tyrant driver manages to hold his position, but now he is at risk of losing a few positions on the run down to Rettifilio.

Gilson goes for a move on De Bruyker while directly behind them O’Neill goes for a move on Russell.

Not content with just one position made O’Neill now goes for a double move.

There’s contact made into Rettifilio!

De Bruyker and Russell get through unscathed, but for O’Neill and Gilson they now have to wait for the rest of the field to get by before they can rejoin.

It looks like Gilson got a bump from Mills allowing him to get going again.

Replay shows O’Neill making his double move on both Gilson and De Bruyker, and it’s possible the SCR driver didn’t leave enough space for the move to be made cleanly.

Mills is very lucky not to have suffered any damage from his bump against the SCR.

O’Neill finally gets going again.

With the race now 5 laps in let’s take a look at the current standings.

Time for us to take a break. We hope to be back as soon as possible with more of the coverage.

Race Director: Ernie B. Ecclescake

GPGTV Youtube Channel
Complete Mayhem

Awful start for Mistral.

I never thought i would say this, but i am relief that i DNF for the first time this season.


So far, so good....

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GPGSL Rd 12 Italian GP - Race Day

Part 2

Welcome back.

We return to find Elleker chasing down Gilson for the final spot in the top 10.

Through Rettifilio and the AMR driver succeeds in making his move.

Kederer is now back up to 14th following all the incidents that took place not too long ago.

Worseling takes the fastest lap.

Gilson is right on the back of Elleker and could potentially get the position back.

And the SCR driver does through Rettifilio.

Back to the front and Pedersen succeeds with his move on Russell.

Russell attempts to get it back at Ascari, but the MAC driver manages to hold his position.

Now Vilela has a chance to make a move on the Christel, and gets it done at Parabolica.

Down the straight towards Rettifilio and Rodriguez now wants his chance to get ahead.

Mills is off and in the sand.

At least he is able to rejoin and continue on, but has now lost his chance at points.

Trouble for Jalving through Ascari.

What a save by the Demon driver, and De Bruyker is extremely lucky to get through without making contact.

Pedersen was able to close in more as a result of Jalving’s off and is in a position to make a move.

Which he does through Parabolica.

Jalving immediately goes for a retake.

And he succeeds in retaking the position back.

Russell sees a chance to make his move on Pedersen once again, though like last time Pedersen manages to hold position.

Unseen by the cameras Rodriguez was able to get ahead of Vilela.

Down towards Ascari and Vilela is looking to retake the position back.

The Demon driver succeeds in getting by Rodriguez, but not long after locks up allowing the cars behind to close in.

It looks like déjà vu all over again.

This time around there is no contact made into Rettifilio.

Now Vilela is off in the sand.

Hinz is comfortably leading with no sign of his nearest challenger behind him.

Vilela is back ontrack.

Steer has his sights set on attempting to take Elleker’s position.

But before he can he is called into the pits for his stop as the pitstops now get underway.

McClure has been quietly progressing in the race since his earlier incident that took him out of the battle for the lead.

It looks like Jalving has managed to gain most of the time back as he now has De Bruyker in his sights.

In for their stops are Keranen and Mills.

Russell is still chasing down Pedersen in their battle for 5th.

Now it looks like Jalving has lost a bit of time to De Bruyker.

Both De Bruyker and Jalving are in for their stop, and Kederer is in as well.

De Bruyker has to wait for Jalving to go by before leaving his pit bay.

Jalving will no doubt be relieved to be back ahead of De Bruyker.

This isn’t what Demon would be wanting to see right now. Vilela tries for a pass on Jalving into Rettifilio, but is blocked in the process.

Further back McCarthy is right on the back of Kederer just as the Alpha driver comes out from the pits.

There’s contact between the two and Kederer finds himself out on the grass.

Kederer get going again and no doubt he’ll be even more frustrated than he was earlier.

McClure and Vilela are now in for their stops.

Hinz is in from the lead, and in as well is Rodriguez.

In comes O’Neill, and it looks like SCR are preparing for one of their cars to come in for their stop.

As Gilson is still out on the track the stop must be for Worseling.

In come the last cars to make their stops.

Hinz retakes the lead of the race.

Now that all of the drivers have made their stop it’s time to check out the standings once again.

Just like with Worseling McCarthy is also in to take his scheduled stop.

It’s time for our final break of the coverage. When we return we’ll go through to the end of the race.

Race Director: Ernie B. Ecclescake

GPGTV Youtube Channel
b u l l s h i t

Tyrants in 2 and 4 my ass.

Too many incidents, track shouldn't be used again.

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Too many incidents, track shouldn't be used again.
I agree, it's a farce.

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