GPGSL S12 R14 Flevoland GP - Rubendrome, Emmeloord [Testers Q&R p.122 | Quali p.123 Race p.124!!!]

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Monza OUT, Monaco IN????

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GPGSL Rd 12 Italian GP - Race Day

Part 3

Welcome back for the last time.

Worseling has taken the fastest lap.

Jalving has a decent gap between himself and De Bruyker.

Keranen finds himself one position shy of a points finish position, though he’ll also need to keep an eye out for O’Neill who isn’t that far away from him.

Greidanus goes for a move on Steer through Rettifilio.

Contact is made between the two cars.

Fortunately both cars manage to stay ontrack, though Steer is now left to defend from McClure.

It’s an unsuccessful defence from the MMM driver as McClure goes through at the chicane.

The gap between Warrington and Jalving looks pretty manageable for the Tyrant driver.

De Bruyker on the other hand isn’t quite so fortunate to have a manageable gap between himself and Pedersen.

With 5 laps to go let’s take a look at the standings.

Gilson has closed in on Pedersen and could be close enough to attempt a passing move.

It doesn’t happen this time around.

However he gets the move done at the chicane.

The timing shows us the movements of the top 10 since the race start.

Elleker is closing in on Rodriguez.

3 laps left to go.

Gilson now tries for a move on De Bruyker.

He succeeds in getting ahead leaving the Tyrant driver to defend from Pedersen.

Unfortunately he is unable to keep the MAC driver back and loses the position.

Into Ascari and Elleker goes for a move on Rodriguez.

It’s a successful move for the AMR driver.

We have a battle between Steer and Keranen.

Into Rettifilio and the Snake driver finally gets ahead.

One lap left to go.

Not long after taking the position Keranen has lost it back to Steer. He also loses another position to Kederer.

Hinz takes the chequered flag to win the Italian GP.

Second place for Warrington.

Jalving takes the final podium position.

McCarthy could steal the position away from Mills if he can be close enough coming out of Parabolica.

Mills just barely holds on to his position across the line.

Congratulations Christopher Hinz and AMR, our Rd 12 winners

Race Director: Ernie B. Ecclescake

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GPGSL Rd 12 Italian GP Official Results

Race Result

Fastest Laps

b u l l s h i t

rerun pls & thx

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Even though the testers session didn't go so well for Tyrant both qualifying and the race went well for the team. It's a shame that Warrington wasn't able to take the lead after the contact between McClure and Worseling took them both out of contention as we feel our car pace was way better than that of AMR. Still, second place for him means more points in the bag towards the constructors championship standings. Not sure what happened to De Bruyker in the last handful of laps that led to him losing a few positions. He had the pace to finish 4th for sure so whatever the issue was that cost him pace is something we need to get sorted out in time for the next round.

i will take 5th anyday =)
so because there were incidents the track is useless? is it better with races where nothing happends? Keep Monza, spices things up!
If it wasn't for that incident with Gilson, I think I'll have got a better finish than 12tb.


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Pedersen schrieb:
> so because there were incidents the track is
> useless? is it better with races where nothing
> happends? Keep Monza, spices things up!

Exactly. Like Istanbul. All tracks with more than 1 incident should be banned from the calendar.

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Happy with 2nd! Great for the constructors' championship too

Not the best finish for me, but definitely a good race after a poor qualifying session

Finally some more points and great to be mixing it up nearer the sharp end

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Meh, forced off the road by Silva and the day is over. Sad :(

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10th is decent, but I hoped for more. I'm sorry i waz a bit chweky at 1zst chicane.

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kedy89 écrivait:
> b u l l s h i t
> rerun pls & thx

I agree. That was a nightmare of a race.

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Wee announcement: I'm to leave my testing role at MMM come the close of the current season.

However, I'll still be checking the forum on occasion, no doubt
Not a bad result after that incident early on, another lap and I might have got a podium too. The car was excellent here, just a shame about the early collision.

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Probably not smart to make smug comments, but anyway...

Brilliant race. Maybe you guys should try to crash less ;)

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Went at the start from 4th to 1st and then Worseling took me out for a great chance of result.

So far, this was a nightmare once again. My luck is starting to come back worse again and for that I can't avoid it again. Unbelievable. :( :(
(Also, not a bad recovery after that incident so thats ante up, but I didn't DNF)

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