GPG Nations Cup S6 - Round 9 Finnish GP [Perfs posted || Vacancies!]

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4th place, amazing!! Thank you all for crashing out on me :)

If you are racing, keep on racing and get some points!

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Team Ireland

P6 at the end, a very good drive from Tyrson means we got the points this time. Great race for Ireland.

GPGNC Team Ireland #19
Perfect drive from Grimaldi once again, the undercut worked very well. A shame for Silva to end a good race in the gravels.

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Looks like the only way to score points required everyone else to retire =(

I think we were passed on the last lap or even the line unfortunately for us, but a point with absolutely no boost is nothing to scoff at. Bit of luck but a great drive all weekend by Antero.
Hooooly point finishes! I did not expect the race to go this well! Challenge passed, I say! High hopes for boosted races after seeing this performance.

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Rd 3 - Portugal - Official Results

Rd 3 - Portugal - Official Standings Table

A first podium for Team Indonesia! \o/ Looked unlikely with that poor start, but keeping the cars speed up & on track helped take advantage of those who's luck abandoned them

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Oh for Christ sake Mirko. First things first, don't spin without anyone else forcing you. And when you do, don't trundle round at the speed of a snail in a strop! Montenegro could be looking for a new driver before long...


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Team China

We had the pace to finish 2nd in the race had it not been for the off that lead to Cheng's retirement. According to the standings, had Cheng managed to finish 2nd it would've moved us up near the top 3. Still, more races left for us to try and claw our way back up to the top of the standings so we're not too worried just yet.

Team Ireland

13th in the standings for Ireland, the team needs to improve much better in the next rounds. Hopefully we grab more points in the bag this season.

GPGNC Team Ireland #19
There's no way out of this drama for Italy it seems.....

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Team Russia members are still in a grey mood after that shameful waste of boost during the latest event. We need some serious talks with our Renault engine specialists to make sure this won't happen again. Or we may switch to Honda one day! :-(

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The Team USA are accepting of another points finish, with no boost used. Expect the USA to unleash maximum boost, boost like never before seen, for the next event.

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Team Wales

Very frustrating to drop so many points! Hoping Mr Pryce is going to get these silly mistakes out of his system early on and we'll be okay for the rest of the season!
Activity check should be out by this weekend

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Need a good race very soon...


Hoping the next race is available soon

GPGNC Team Ireland #19
Round 3 Activity Check

One player was inactive for the period over which Round 3 was held:

giomich(South Korea) - 2nd warning

1st window missed: 50/50 quali/race penalty
2nd window missed: 100/100 quali/race penalty
3rd window missed: Removal from the series.

All penalties shall be applied in round 4. Appeals should be sent to natasp and/or posted on this thread for notification.

GPG Nations Cup Round 4 - San Marino GP - Imola

The performance deadline for Round 4 at Imola is the end of Sunday19th November. Everyone is to send their performance request to the GPG-Nations-Cup account, or here if you want an extra shortcut. Please set the subject title of your message as "Round 4 - San Marino GP - (Your Country Name)". In your message please state explicitly how much you allocate for Qualifying and how much you allocate for the Race (e.g. Qualifying: 500, Race: 500). If you submit one number, qualifying and race performance will be exactly half of that value.

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Round 02: Spanish GP - Motorland Aragon - 7% Winner: Brazil
Round 03: Portuguese GP - Estoril - 7% Winner: Brazil
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Round 05: Dutch GP - Zandvoort - 7%
Round 06: British GP - Silverstone - 30%
Round 07: French GP - Paul Ricard - 7%
Round 08: German GP - Hockenheimring - 50%
Round 09: Finnish GP - Marfield - 7%
Round 10: UAE GP - Dubai Autodrome - 0%
Round 11: Chinese GP - Shanghai - 7%
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