F1 1994 Mod V3.0 - RELEASED

Posted by Turbo Lover 
Re: F1 1994 Mod V3.0 - RELEASED
Date: July 16, 2020 12:09AM
Posted by: quickslick
if you choose 1994 realistic conditions in the mod configurables window of the mod, you should get the correct weather for all tracks. Furthermore you can edit the rain percentence in the single ini files at gpxpatch\Weather 1994/realistic for each track. I see no reason why it should not be allowed to explain how to move the damage coefficient from one mod to another. To me it's a good idea to explain it
Re: F1 1994 Mod V3.0 - RELEASED
Date: July 16, 2020 05:07AM
Posted by: schumi01
Thank you for your answer. I saw the different weather conditions in the folder but it still not working. I start the first race in the world championship with realistic conditions without any chancing and save on the last step before the game switch to the next track. I go back to csm and chose the next track and editing the weather condition in realistic for the next track to 100. When I chose know the next race as a single weekend than I get the rain but when I load the savegame and start the race there is no rain on the track.
I find in the magic data of the tracks "weather percentage" I change this but nothing happend.

Okay, I will explain how players can copy the damage coefficient from one mod to another.

First check in your csm mod list which mod has the GP4Tweaker damage coefficient. Know go to GPSAVES/Carsets/your mod/Data/files and copy the folder GP4exe.
Put it in GPSAVES/Carsets/F1 1994 v3/Data/Files.

Next go to GPSAVES/Carsets/your mod/Settings and open globalvars. Search for the headline damage and copy the lines of this part from the data and put it in GPSAVES/Carsets/F1 1994 v3/Setting/1994globalvars. I put it under tweak_visors.

Know go to GPSAVES/Carsets/F1 1994 v3/Setting/ and open CSM.ini. Write in a extra line under F1graphics "damage=".

Go to GPSAVES/Carsets/your mod/Settings/ and open swap.ini. Under swapfiles you find a line with the file path "Files/GP4exe" and the word damage in it. Copy that line and go to GPSAVES/Carsets/F1 1994 v3/Setting/1994swap.ini.
There are under swapfiles 12 lines File1,File2 and so on. Put it under line 12 and change the number of the line you put in to 13.

Know you find in csm under "the mod`s configurables" the damage coefficient.
You can do this with all of your mods.

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