GPGSL S11: R14 Flevoland GP [VACANCIES, join now!!! || R13 QUAL online p.157, RACE p.158!!!]

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Happy with 9th, decent points potential from there

P3 good starting position for the race, lets get that victory!



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The race has been run, and we have a winner and a champion crowned. Coverge to be up as soon as possible so be sure to look forward to it.

GPGSL Rd 14 Flevoland GP – Race Day

Part 1

Hello again. It’s now time for the final round of the season to get underway. In qualifying, we saw Gilson take the final pole of the season to put himself in a position to take home the drivers title. For his only challenger Kederer, it’s now a must win situation for the Alpha driver as scoring 13pts will only result in a tie, leading to Gilson winning the title as he has more wins. It’s a long race and anything can potentially happen, so we’ll be keeping a close eye on the championship contenders throughout the race. The cars can be heard returning from the warmup lap so it’s time to head trackside as we get set for the start of the Season 11 finale.

Weather Report

Here we go for the final time this season. Gilson is on pole, and alongside him is Hinz. The other contender Kederer is back in 6th and has a lot of work ahead of him if he is to win the title. When the lights go out, it’s on.

They’re off!

A bad start for Cremasco sees him fall behind both Elleker and Kederer.

Worseling is fighting with Hinz for 2nd.

Not much in it between the cars at the rear of the field.

Elleker is under attack from both Kederer and Cremasco.

Kederer has gotten ahead of Elleker, leaving the AMR driver to deal with Cremasco.

But Elleker isn’t interested in defending his position from the Tyrant driver and instead goes for an attempt to retake the position from Kederer.

Ahead of them Worseling and Hinz continue their battle.

And the SCR driver gets ahead.

Warrington has moved up a few positions since the race started.

Behind him however is a train of cars waiting for their chance to make their moves.

Not much in it between Worseling and Hinz.

Behind them Cremasco has a good view of the battle between Elleker and Kederer.

Pedersen and Silva find themselves in a battle for 14th.

4 wide on the run down to Turn 1. Surely this won’t end too well.

It’s not the only battle. Cremasco is making a move on both Elleker and Kederer.

Too close for comfort for Kederer as he gets so close to running off the track.

We have wheels and debris all over the track, and the field has bunched up. What has happened here?

Replay shows that Rodriguez had a good view of the battle ahead of him.

Contact is made between Warrington and O’Neill, which sends the Alpha airborne.

The landing rips the wheel from the car, leaving O’Neill stranded in the middle of the track.

It’s a retirement for both Warrington and O’Neill. Warrington lost a wheel as a result of another car running into him.

The timing shows us how the top 10 has moved since the start of the race.

Jalving was lucky to avoid the incident that took place at Turn 1 and now has his sights set on Kederer’s 6th position.

Rodriguez was also lucky to avoid the Turn 1 incident and now finds himself in battle with Steer.

Silvestre has gone off and into the wall.

The replay shows that Copeman ran into the rear of the MTP, which caused Silvestre to run off and into the wall.

It’s race over for the MTP driver with both a busted engine and a damaged car.

Are we about to see 4 wide again?

Thankfully it’s only 3 wide this time.

The MPR driver succeeds in getting ahead, leaving Steer to defend his position from Pedersen.

McClure will be ready to make a move should the cars ahead of him get into trouble.

In comes Keranen and Silva for repairs.

Gilson has a comfortable lead currently.

Jalving is now ahead of Kederer.

We’re attempting to show the current standings just as Cremasco looks to be in major trouble.

This is not the sight Tyrant Motorsports would want to see right now. Cremasco has reported Electrical Issues and will not be happy.

Jalving is out wide through Turn 1.

He rejoins the track ahead of Steer.

With momentum lost it allowed both Steer and Pedersen to get ahead of the MPR.

Kederer has a gap back to Rodriguez, but to him he would rather be up closer to Gilson in the battle for the championship.

A 1.5s lead for the SCR driver.

Russell finds himself in 16th. It’s been a quiet race so far for the rookie.

His teammate on the other hand has his hands full holding off Dilain in the second Tyrant.

Pedersen is going for a move on Steer.

And the MAC driver gets it done.

Now we can see the current standings without any issues.

That’s a huge incident in the background for the remaining One Racing car.

Steer was attempting to get ahead of Pedersen when De Bruyker went off.

De Bruyker went in all on his own. He won’t be too impressed with himself for that.

It’s still on between Dilain and Mills.

Time for the first break of the coverage. We hope to be back again soon.

Race Director: Ernie B. Ecclescake

GPGTV Youtube Channel
GPGSL Rd 14 Flevoland GP - Race Day

Part 2

We're back.

Steer is on the attack against Jalving.

For now the MPR driver stays ahead.

Now Steer has to defend from Pedersen.

Pedersen goes for his move.

He couldn’t get it done and now McClure is closer.

It’s on down the main straight.

Pedersen gets ahead of the Snake.

Further back behind the group is Pedersen’s teammate. The more the battle goes on the closer Copeman can get to them.

Steer wants to get the position back.

He couldn’t get it done this time around.

He tries again to get ahead.

This time he gets it done.

Now McClure wants a chance to get ahead of Pedersen.

That chance may not present itself to him as Copeman has managed to close in on him.

Worseling and Hinz still sit in 2nd and 3rd, though to the looks of it the AMR has slowly been closing in.

A double points finish for MPR would be one of the ways both Rodriguez and Jalving would want to see out the last race in the GPGSL for MPR.

Back to this group, and in the distance we can see that Scala has managed to close in on them.

Unseen by the cameras Dilain has managed to get ahead of Mills.

The gap has closed in more between Worseling and Hinz.

There are probably a lot of questions in regards to whether or not this livery will be retained once again in Season 12 for Snake.

We have a battle going on between the MPRs.

It took over a lap to get his move done and now Jalving is ahead.

Hinz is the first driver in for his stop as the pitstops gets underway.

More cars are in.

Keranen looks to have a terminal problem as he has pulled off to the side of the track.

It’s a Loose Wheel that ends his day.

In comes the race leader.

Elleker and Copeman are in as well.

Gilson rejoins after completing his stop.

It’s still on between the two MPR drivers.

Rodriguez works his way back ahead of Jalving.

Both MPRs aren’t quite out of the woods just yet as Steer is slowly closing in on them.

Jalving is once again back in front of Rodriguez, and now Steer has closed in even more.

Worseling is now in.

Steer comes extremely close to hitting Jalving as the MPR driver heads into the pits.

Worseling rejoins, and it looks like he has rejoined behind Hinz.

Kederer now leads, though he still has to make a stop.

In comes Rodriguez.

Worseling is showing some serious pace right now as he attempts to get ahead of Hinz.

In comes Russell for his stop.

Dilain is under attack from Jalving.

Jalving is unable to get ahead though.

Rodriguez now finds himself defending from Scala after rejoining from his stop.

Kederer comes in for his stop.

He rejoins in 6th, however with Gilson out in the lead he is going to need a miracle now if he is to win the title.

The battle between Dilain and Jalving is allowing the cars behind to close in.

Mills and Scala are locked in their own battle.

Silva is in the pits once again, this time for his scheduled stop.

Only 14 laps left to go for Gilson before he can finally claim his 2nd drivers title.

Dilain just can’t seem to shake Jalving off.

Jalving goes for his move.

Jalving manages to get ahead.

There’s a lockup from the Tyrant driver.

The end result sees Dilain spin off into the sand, and it also sees Jalving run off as well. There must’ve been contact between the two.

Jalving gets swamped completely by the cars behind, while Dilain finds himself stuck in the sand.

Steer now leads a train of cars.

This could get interesting very quickly.

In comes Cremasco for his scheduled stop.

Dilain is still stuck in the sand as the cars go through Turn 1.

Steer has managed to increase the gap between himself and the cars behind him.

The battle between the cars doesn’t look like it’ll end anytime soon.

Race Director: Ernie B. Ecclescake

GPGTV Youtube Channel
The suspense is killing me.

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Oké, ONE Team went out in their last race with a "BANG"... that's for sure !

Sorry boss but at least you won the title in Testdrivers Competition ! ;-)

See you next season on the track in the Drivers Competition ;)

And yes Mal, who is going to be the new champion of this season... suspense is surely killing.

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I mean of course, it's not a race until I run off the track.
Multi 21!!!!



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Bad start for me with another DNF after getting thrown in air with the collision with Warrington. Shouldn't have had that can of Red Bull before the race.
Was concentrating on not making contact with Silvestre (I think it was) and didn't notice Warrington on my left. Sorry boss and apologies to Warrington for causing his DNF.


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Got everything crossed that the two DMR's might magically stay out of trouble, and grab some points....

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Marc and John, thanks so much for all season.

All drivers that joined to One Racing in past seasons, thanks so much, too!! I'm so happy that my team is part of GPGSL.

And, now, let's go to Season 12!!

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P8 currently, good start but still it's not over yet...
GPGSL Rd 14 Flevoland GP - Race Day

Part 3

We're back for the final time.

The stranded Tyrant of Dilain is finally removed. It would seem he stalled the engine which was the reason for why he didn’t attempt to rejoin.

Rodriguez has managed to get ahead of McClure.

3 wide once again in this race.

Time to check out the standings now that all cars have made their stop.

Rodriguez and McClure continue their battle.

Scala looks to have his hands full defending from Russell.

Now he has to try and retake the position back from the rookie.

Mills now has Jalving in his sights for a move.

And the Demon driver gets ahead. The timing also shows that Cremasco now has the fastest lap.

Now Jalving is the meat in a Demon sandwich.

That is not a position Jalving wants to remain in and makes a successful move on Mills.

This is going to be a very close battle for sure for the final point.

Steer finds himself sitting comfortably in 6th.

It looks like the gap between Elleker and Kederer has been slowly decreasing.

Mills lost his position to Russell, and now Scala is looking to make his move on the Demon driver.

Russell has made another position, this time at the expense of Jalving.

Scala now sits ahead of Mills, and Cremasco is the next in line to make a move.

And the Tyrant driver wastes no time at all.

We have a yellow flag out, and from Kederer’s view it looks like one of the AMRs has gone off into the wall.

It’s Hinz in the wall, and no doubt he’ll be gutted with himself as he was on for a podium.

The replay shows that he went off all on his own in the same way that De Bruyker went off earlier.

With Hinz’s retirement, that leaves Kederer in the final podium spot. However, Elleker would’ve seen his teammate in the wall and will now be looking to take the podium spot.

He goes for a move.

And the AMR driver has done it.

Kederer is not willing to let Elleker get away from him.

Kederer is once again back ahead.

Worseling looks to have closed in quite a lot on Gilson.

Since we last saw him Russell has managed to gain another position.

Rodriguez goes for a move on McClure.

The MPR driver succeeds with his move.

Jalving has lost his position to Cremasco.

4 laps left to go till we crown our Season 11 champion.

It’s on between the teammates for the win.

McClure makes his move on Rodriguez as we see the timing for the current top 10 movers.

Jalving finds himself behind Copeman once again.

Worseling goes for his move.

And he has done it.

Steer has been pushing quite hard and now sits ahead of Elleker.

Another position gained for Cremasco.

With only a couple of laps left to go, let’s take a look at the standings.

Into the final lap now, and Cremasco is looking to make a move on Pedersen.

It looks like Gilson has backed off.

Cremasco has managed to dispose of Pedersen.

Around the final corner comes Worseling.

And the SCR driver takes the chequered flag to win the Flevoland GP.

Gilson takes 2nd to make it a SCR 1-2, and in the process becomes the GPGSL Season 11 Drivers Champion.

Kederer takes the final podium.

It’s a drag down to the line between Pedersen and Rodriguez.

And the MPR driver gets the position.

Congratulations Joseph Gilson and Southern Cross Racing, our Season 11 Drivers and Constructors Champions.

It’s finally over for Season 11. Once again, congratulations to both Joseph Gilson and Southern Cross Racing on winning the Season 11 Drivers and Constructors Championships. There will no doubt be a massive celebration party for them as they celebrate their victories. For Kederer, he gave it his all here today in his attempt to try and win the title but it wasn’t meant to be. No doubt he’ll return in Season 12 to try and go one better in the standings. Anyways, that wraps up our coverage of the Season 11 finale. We hope you all enjoyed our coverage, and we’ll see everyone back here again for the Season 12 opener at Albert Park. So until then, it’s goodbye from Emmelord.

Race Director: Ernie B. Ecclescake

GPGTV Youtube Channel
GPGSL Rd 14 Flevoland GP Official Results

Race Result

Fastest Laps

Race Director: Ernie B. Ecclescake

GPGTV Youtube Channel
Tyrant Motorsports

What a race. We thought it was all over for Cremasco when he suffered the Electrical Issues, but thankfully it happened early on in the race and he was able to mount a huge comeback in the last 10 or so laps to eventually take home 6th (and the fastest lap is an added bonus). Shame for Dilain once again. He was giving it his all up till the contact between himself and Jalving that led to him spinning out into the sand. Not sure what caused him to stall the engine though, so that's something we'll be looking into as we get prepared for Season 12. And to both Cremasco and Dilain, thanks for everything you've done in your time as Tyrant Motorsports drivers, and good luck with your new drives in Season 12.

Also, congratulations to Joseph Gilson on becoming a 2 time GPGSL champion, and to Southern Cross Racing on winning their 1st Constructors Title.

Weeeee are the champions, weeee are the champions.......of the worlddddddd. Thrilling finish! Almost made a clean sweep of the titles if it wasn't for that flat tyre. Thanks to you all for participating and SCR will be back on track for S12.

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Demon Racing press statement

Thankfully this season is over! Endless driver changes, arrivals and departures. Sad to see Sebastian Nell vanish into thin air - hoping he returns. Great to have my old buddy Dan Mills in the race and test seats through out the season - thrilled that he is off to a race seat for next season. And newcomer to the season Luke Russell - fantastic drive to get some points. Somebody sign that driver to a race seat for Season 12!!!!

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Utterly disappointing to stand there empty-handed. Things were looking so promising until late-season, when some party pooper came along and decided it was a good idea to basically win every race.

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