GPGSL S11: R14 Flevoland GP [VACANCIES, join now!!! || R13 QUAL online p.157, RACE p.158!!!]

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danm Schreef:
> Where is Geoff these days?

Creating GP5. I had a sneak peak at his spacious house.

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I'm a total dick. How many people can say that?
Everybody asks about Geoff ... who's Geoff?

Could it be the founder of this fantastic game?

Then I think our Geoff Crammond is retired and lives off his royalties!

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Alright, couple of things

- both quali and race have been run
- many dnfs despite heavily reduced AI errors, be prepared
- I'll try to get quali up today, no promises though as Celtic-Bayern starts soon

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Round 8 - United States GP - Road America

With a bit of a delay the quali session finally is underway. The MPR guys are named by many as favourites for the pole position today. After a poor showing last round it'd certainly be a result most welcome. It won't be an easy task though, since there are a couple of other boosted drivers, among them both the Demon and One guys, who'll definitely put up a hard fight.

McClure the first one to set a lap, quite close to the top time of the practice session already

Kederer only marginally slower

Cremasco missing a fair bit, only just managing a 1:37

O'Neill in his first outing as a race driver slots in behind his teammate in 3rd

He doesn't remain there for long as Rodríguez beats his time

Impressive lap set by Steer on his return to a race cockpit, first for the moment

Scala only just faster than Cremasco

Pedersen takes 5th spot

Silva takes 7th, quite a gap despite the boost

3 tenths behind and 5th place for de Bruyker

Only for a brief moment, his teammate beats him by a few thousandths

10th place for Keranen

Elleker takes 9th

Warrington goes 7th fastest

A good lap by Soutsen puts him in 3rd place

Nell takes 7th

Hinz beats Steer's time by 15 hundredths, and takes provisional pole

Just to get beaten by Jalving immediately, and what a stunning lap that is by the Dutchman

Spangenberg finds himself towards the back end of the field with this lap

Same goes for Worseling

His teammate Gilson does slightly better, 15th for him

Copeman's the last one to complete his first run, and that's P17

Standings after the first runs, Jalving leads with quite a margin

Warrington with a slight improvement, not enough to move up a position though

Same goes for McClure

Still quite a gap to his teammate, nonetheless 4 positions gained for Rodríguez

Massive improvement for Scala, 8th place now for the Italian

Up one spot to 16th for Silva

Better lap for Worseling now, still only 15th though

Elleker moves up to 12th

Soutsen improves, but he remains in 6th place

Spangenberg moves past his teammate to 20th

And that's it, congratulations to Charrel Jalving and MPR, pole setters for the United States GP!

Race Director: Ernie B. Ecclescake

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Well qualifying was bad, hopefully we can make up some positions in the race.

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Top 5 for Daly, hoping for a podium finish for once. And maybe most places gained for Paulo.

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P16 in my first outing as race driver. Was hoping for better but will settle for that on a track I haven't driven on before.
Maybe in the race I may get a better finish position.


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Top effort by both Matteo and Michael! I'm very happy with this qualifying, boys! Hopefully we can convert it in a bunch of points in the race.

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17th while my teammate gets 5th easily?

What happen there?

Not very happy with my pace in the qualify...


That will do very nicely! The car was so easy to just get in and drive, and now I'm just hoping it stays like this for the race! Sebastian is on the brink of points too, so hopefully we can make this race count.


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Just .. wow. Unimaginable

If you are racing, keep on racing and get some points!

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Wow, how on earth did that happen. Now I should avoid crashing...

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P14th....i´m not happy... :( what´s happend to this years car? its undriveable!
Going to be a tough race for both drivers with them starting 13th and 22nd.

A bit disappointed with 9th. Hopefully a clean race will see Marcus and I finish the race a little bit higher

Feel good about the upcoming race, hope for some solid points finish.

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Jalving takes pole in the US GP!
We managed to do everything right this time! This pole goes to Dan Paddock, the founder of MPR. But also to the teams recovery, as we are very worried about the near future of MPR. But what a lap this was, mega! As Alonso would say, this was my best qualifying ever!

For now I have been putting some of our people at the right place within the team, besides driving I love to work with people and get their potential out in the open. This is the first race where we have tried to do some things different within the team, and it payed off.

Now our focus is on the race, P1 & P3 is a good starting position. But the race will be tough, our goal is to take the win!

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15th place considering all the boosts ill take it :)



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Pretty disappointed by my pace, teammate did well though so hopefully a good team result is on

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