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Gonna be a long race it seems
Round 8 - United States GP - Road America

The sun greets us for the race day at Road America, though we'll have to wait and see if it'll remain like that for the whole race. The forecast predicts a small chance of light rain in about half an hour, which could make things interesting in the closing stages of the race. The quali yesterday saw the expected strong performances of the MPR guys, with Jalving taking pole and Rodríguez in third. Hinz sits between them in 2nd, he'll certainly be looking to achieve his first career victory. Steer, McClure and Soutsen follow in 4th to 6th, with a podium in close reach they might provide some good battles. One to look out for today will be Silva, despite his boost he only managed to qualify in 17th. It should be interesting to see how far he'll manage to climb up the order.

The weather report, about 25% chance of light rain in about half an hour

The red lights are out, and off they go

Hinz with the better launch it seems, pulling alongside Jalving on the way to turn 1

Several cars going 3-wide, as we see the timing shows us Hinz in 1st

He is ahead, but will he manage to hold on to it on the outside line? Rodríguez with a poor start, looks to have dropped to 7th

He does, but Jalving hasn't given up yet

Through turn 3 and Hinz gets the upper hand

Jalving under some heavy pressure

Soutsen goes for the inside, right behind them McClure tries to snatch 4th from Steer

At the back end Keranen made up a whole bunch of places, he's up to 17th already

Elleker one down to 13th, Silva 2 down to 19th

Hinz in the lead, and Jalving in 4th only. He dropped behind McClure as well. Rodríguez on the other hand has got past Steer to 5th

Steer finds himself under pressure from teammate Nell, behind them Kederer goes for a move on Scala

Both managed to get past

The back end of the field, and the timing shows us that Pedersen managed to overtake O'Neill

Several overtaking moves down to turn 1, Kederer against Steer for 7th, Warrington against Warrington for 10th, and Pedersen against Elleker for 13th

Kederer and Chris Warrington both get past

While Elleker keeps the upper hand against Pedersen

Silva past Gilson for 18th

Jalving fighting his way back, successful pass against McClure gives him 3rd

Steer retakes the position he lost a few seconds earlier

So does John Warrington

Gilson tries as well, but Silva holds on to it on the outside line

Cremasco goes past Copeman for 20th

And that's Pedersen in the wall in Carousel, that's the end of his race

Rodríguez with an overly optimistic attempt to get past McClure in Canada corner, they make contact

McClure gets sent straight into the gravel, and Rodríguez spins around

Scala runs wide as well! McClure seems to have managed to avoid the tyre barrier

Crash between Scala and Chris Warrington as the former doesn't pay attention upon rejoining the track. Wheels are flying across the track!

Warrington manages to steer his car to the side, but Scala goes straight in the path of the oncoming cars!

De Bruyker only just avoids him, but Elleker hits the MTP! Broken front wing on the AMR

Debris all over the track, but luckily noone else collects anything

McClure manages to get out of the gravel, and can continue

The big profiteers of the chaos

The midfiel all bunched up now

Going 3 wide into turn 1, let's hope this goes well

It does, and great driving by O'Neill to hold on to 9th on the outside. Silva up to 10th

It doesn't last long, Worseling fights back going into turn 5

Copeman passes Gilson, he sits in 13th now

Spangenberg past Cremasco to 15th

Elleker in dead last after his stop for a new front wing.

Silva with another move on Worseling, retakes 10th

Rodríguez goes past Cremasco for 16th

And that's Steer back ahead of Kederer

Meanwhile Keranen has found his way into the points, 11th already after overtaking Worseling

The top 3

Rodríguez gains another place as he goes past Spangenberg

Silva takes 9th from O'Neill

And that's O'Neill in the wall! The Carousel has claimed another victim

Contact between Copeman and Gilson under braking for Canada corner

Both in the gravel, and Copeman has lost his whole nosecone

Elleker into the wall in turn 1, he probably was pushing too hard trying to make up the lost time

The gaps at the front get smaller

Nell and Steer in 4th in 5th, would be a good result for Demon if it remains like that

I spoke too soon, Steer's in the wall in Carousel! The third driver to crash there today

Jalving goes past Soutsen for 2nd place

But Soutsen fights back going into turn 5

Rodríguez back in the points in 11th. And the timing shows that Kederer lost a place

He has indeed, John Warrigton got past

From 21st on the grid all the way up to 9th already for Keranen

Silva has closed the gap to de Bruyker

Lap 10 as Nell is the first one to head in for a scheduled stop

Jalving back in 2nd again

Rodríguez gains another place as he goes past Worseling

Jalving now chasing down Hinz, as Soutsen heads to the pits

Bad timing as he gets out just ahead of Cremasco, who immediately challenges him for 9th

He's forced a bit wide, allowing McClure to pull alongside

And the Mistral driver gets past as well, some important seconds lost for Soutsen in the fight for 2nd, or even the win

Rodríguez pulls off the track!

A gearbox failure ends his race

McClure right at the back of Cremasco

The pressure leads Cremasco to make a mistake, he runs off in Carousel, he only just manages to stay out of the wall

He can continue the race in 11th

That's McClure in the wall in Canada corner, and Soutsen seems to be off in the background as well. They must have made contact

He is indeed, and he's missing his right front wheel! A promising race put to an end, and a double DNF for MTP

Race leader Hinz heads to the pits

A quick service by the Aston crew, he gets back out ahead of Jalving

But the Dutchman has his tyres up to temperature already, and easily goes past in turn 5

A rather slow stop dropped Warrington back behind Kederer

Jalving looks set to put some distance between him and Hinz

Worseling up to 9th as Cremasco heads to the pits

Everyone's stopped once now, these are the current standings

Keranen in 8th, and he might get up even further

The fight for the final point between Cremasco and Copeman

Hinz is back in the lead! Missed by the cameras he's gone past Jalving in turn 1

But Jalving does yield that easily, he retakes it going into turn 5

Copeman heads to the pits, apparently they didn't fuel him to the end when he pitted for a new nosecone

He gets out right ahead of the race leader

Doesn't look like he interfered that much, both go past on the straight down to turn 5

Keranen now up to 7th after a successful pass on de Bruyker

Jalving can't pull away, Hinz stays right at his back

Nell's running in a safe 3rd place, big gaps to both the drivers in front and behind

Hinz pulls out of Jalving's slipstream going down to Canada corner

But he doesn't manage to get past

He tries again in turn 1, but again Jalving keeps the upper hand

Warrington takes 4th from Kederer

3rd time's the charm, going into turn 5 Hinz takes the lead

The same corner Kederer retakes 4th from Warrington

What's this? Now Copeman has unlapped himself from Jalving, interfering in the battle for the lead

Warrington and Kederer keep on going at it, now the Brit's ahead again

Only for a few metres though

The battle for 9th between Worseling and Spangenberg

Copeman still separating 1st and 2nd

With Kederer and Warrington battling Silva managed to close up to them

He immediately goes for a move on the One driver in turn 1

But Warrington retakes 5th in turn 5

Keranen now has closed up as well. It's 14 places up already for the Finn, and he might make that even more

3 laps remaining for Hinz to take his maiden win

Copeman in last, and still ahead of Jalving. The Dutchman doesn't seem to be able to lap him again, might be he stressed his tyres too much while battling with Hinz

Silva with another move on Warrington, he takes 5th place

de Bruyker in 8th not that far behind

2 laps now for Hinz

Warrington tries to retake 5th, but Silva keeps him behind

Spangenberg can't get close enough to try to pass Worseling

Hinz enters the final lap

Warrington with another attempt, and this time he gets it done

Keranen tries to slip through as well, but can't quite make it

In his 110th GP Chris Hinz takes his career first win!

Jalving takes 2nd

It looks like Keranen managed to get past Silva

He did indeed!

Nell completes the podium in 3rd

Silva tries hard, but Keranen crosses the line a few thousandths ahead of him

And that's it, an eventful United States GP ends with the maiden win for Chris Hinz, and the second of the season for AMR. They will undoubtedly have some big celebrations tonight. Jalving won't be too happy with how the race ended. The interference of Copeman sure played a part, but even then it didn't look like he could go the same pace as Hinz in the last laps. Nell kept his hopes on a successful title defence alive.

Race Director: Ernie B. Ecclescake

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Solid result for Tobias! Shame for Sean but I'm sure he learnt a lot that he can take into the rest of the season!

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Happy and relieved to have finished with all this chaos, even more so that it was in 4th. I clearly didn't get any pace at all out of the car today, as the fastest laps indicate. A lot of work to do for the next race.

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MTP team radio to Scala:
"Matteo, are you ok? Please confirm you're ok!"

MTP team radio to Soutsen:
"Michael, didn't look like too hard an impact, but you're ok as well? Stop the engine and be careful when you get out of the car."

Nightmare race for MTP. Matteo's accident was visibly his own fault, for Michael it's hard to say what happened. Either way, it was a pretty safe podium thrown away ... that's points and perf points we would have needed strongly. *sighs*

At least there is one sunshine event in this race, the first ever race win for my former team colleague Chris Hinz! Congrats mate! You REALLY deserve this, probably more than anybody else ;-)

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Huge congrats Chris, well deserved win! Gotta admit I was at the edge of my chair in the final laps, hoping that you'd bring it home safely.

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Very eventful race. Shame for Warrington as he was a innocent bystander in that incident with the MTP. And a great save by Cremasco on his way to taking the final points position. We'll regroup and be ready for the next round.

Great race for us, guys!! =D

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Managed to get from 16tb to 9th only to fall victim to the dreaded Carousel on Lap 6.
Sorry, Boss, but at least I have gained some race experience and hopefully can use it in the following rounds.


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Well that worked remarkably well, Maikel and the engineers must have tuned the car quite well for race conditions. On top of not making friends with the barriers that is.
Overall I think that this was a good race for Demon. Good action by Connor to let me by so early in the race, shame that he crashed out afterwards. Looked really strange in the rear mirrors, not sure whether something on the car broke or what happened.

Happy with my third place which was the maximum to get here in America. Pace of Chris Hinz and Charrel Jalving was just too good. Also a bit lucky that I was able to avoid the carnage that was going on.
Ah god damnit... everything about that sucked. The start was weak, and all my effort not to tangle with Sebastian just saw me lose more places. Then the slightest slip of concentration and I'm out. Absolutely gutted, obviously a decent showing for Demon overall, but I've got to do better next time.


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Oh well... From 17th to 7th. Not that bad.

Anyway, feel bad about Daly. That would be a great result for the team, if that accident didn't happen...


Made a silly mistake that costed an important result to us. very sorry for spoiling the race of Chris and many others. :(

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Food result for Demon, with a podium for Seb. Connor did fantastically well in his first drive for the team, but obviously not the end result we wanted. Great job though....

Fair bit of carnage at Road America. I like it. Sucks when your own car/team crashes out, but at least it adds a bit of extra random luck to the mix.

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Oh dear, that wasn't too flash an effort.

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In case you don't want to scroll through the pictures, here's a race recap:

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Get in there Chris! Well done mate :)

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No idea how I managed to win that one :-)
The car was great so a huge thank you goes to the team. Also cheers to Charrel for an intense and clean fight!

Now I have to change my signature lol ;)

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