GPGSL S11: R14 Flevoland GP [VACANCIES, join now!!! || R13 QUAL online p.157, RACE p.158!!!]

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Hello everyone, been a long time since I posted in a GPGSL thread. If I understand correctly there are some problems with vacancies. Well, I was thinking about making a comeback, would it be ok?

Gigi4 schrieb:
> Hello everyone, been a long time since I posted in
> a GPGSL thread. If I understand correctly there
> are some problems with vacancies. Well, I was
> thinking about making a comeback, would it be ok?

More than okay! The team overview on P1 is really not up to date right now. If I remember correctly, about every team has a vacant test driver spot right now. So make a choice, get in touch with the team owner and we'll gladly get you into a test seat for Round 9, Montreal.

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Round 8 - United States GP - Road America

The second half of the season kicks off with the United States GP, at the challenging Road America. The track located at Elkhart Lake is one of the finest the States have to offer, and popular amongst both fans and drivers.

The Free Practice session is the first one scheduled, giving the test drivers some track time. Some line-up changes have occured, Steer and O'Neill have both been promoted to a race seat. Sanvitale has been demoted, and will have his last outing today since he announced his retirement following this round. Mills is back in the test seat due to a penalty, and de Bruyker signed to test for SCR, still keeping his race seat at One Racing at the same time.

Sanvitale in his last appearance, taking the provisional top spot

Scala easily beats his time

Silva goes even faster

Cremasco back behind the wheel after his horror crash last round, 3rd place for now

Mills goes fastest

5th place for McGregor

Vilela looking set to top the timesheets yet again, after his success at his home GP

He doesn't remain there for long, Rodríguez beats his time

de Boer goes even faster

Greenhalgh over a second behind

Quite a gap for Moinet, still good enough for 5th though

Long way to go for Elleker, almost 1s down on first

Sheppard takes 8th place

de Bruyker in unusual colours, 10th in his first outing for SCR

7th place for Jalving

Rocket Man Maverick in 15th

5th place for O'Brien

11th for Ingers

Spangenberg slots in right behind him

Copeman takes 15th

Von Draxeler in 13th

Stoddart as the last one to complete his first run takes 14th

1st runs done, de Boer and Rodríguez far out in front, the only ones in the 1:36

Cremasco moves up to 17th, still has quite a gap though

Greenhalgh improves to 8th

From last to 11th for Sanvitale

McGregor improves, but it isn't enough to get him in the points

Scala goes up to 5th

Huge improvement for Elleker, this lap puts him in 3rd

3 tenths faster than in his first lap, handing Ingers 5th spot

Sheppard moves up to 9th place

Half a second faster than his first attempt, still only 15th for Maverick

De Bruyker in 14th now

Not for long as Copeman is a few thousandths faster

And that's it, congratulations to Maikel de Boer, stunner of a lap to give him first place!

Race Director: Ernie B. Ecclescake

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I'll really have to reconsider my new nickname ... maybe Slow-Mo-Man would fit better ...

At least Matteo seems to be set for the qualifying and congrats to Maikel for a very solid drive.

GPGSL : Team Owner of 'Maverick Track Performance' (MTP)
Fairly good session for myself, perhaps we can get a surprise in qualify.

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Wow amazing free practice! The car was flying. It just reacted every way I wanted it to. Hopefully I've laid down the setup-up for the race drivers since Douglas didn't came very far in the second car!

If you are racing, keep on racing and get some points!

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Not bad for the first run with the SCR car... out qualified my teamboss, and ONE team testdriver Erick von Draxeler, that's good... next round we go for a run in the top ten.

Nice car, very good and smooth to drive, and I love the name LEO above my head, it was just like my little brother was driving with me "his first name is Leo" ;)

I hope I helped the team out in a good way... they are all very nice guys and girls, and they did a great job with my testcar and most of all, they let me feel like being at home.

It feld just like I was at the ONE team paddock.

Looks promissing for next year...

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Not bad, seems there's some pace in the car.

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Hey Boss, good finish in FP even faster than Alessandro.

Looking forward to the race and hopefully I can achieve a good finish.


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Hoping for a better race than qualy results. 3pts though for me.

Mmmmm, managing the team from the cockpit is not ideal :-P P13 in FP is not good enough.

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Sorry to the team for the lacklustre performance.
It's my own fault that I am where I am at the moment, and I hope to do better moving forward.

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Great to see some on track action again. Top 10 for both DMR's, good stuff.

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Great!! =D Finally, good results for me!!!

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8th. Pace was pretty good, but we're quite concerned to see it in only one of the cars. Hopefully things will improve in qualifying and the race.

Weird seeing my teammate in a different car!

Great free practice, hoping a better quali for me but could be tough.

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8th in one car, last in the other. Variance seems to be the big thing for us this season.
A very disappointing practice session

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