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Posted by Isaint 
rracunis écrivait:
> I'm pround and happy seeing the masters back to the track making such beautiful cars .
> Thanks Hega, Gezere, Excalibur and Isaint for the cars and for your efforts in keeping this game alive (Y)

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Amazing cars here as always,thanks so much really appreciated :)


CoM3 oN McL4R3n.....:)
Still by far the best f1game there is, cars and tracks look stunning.

It beats me how these awesome cars look so great on a game which is 16 years old!!
That Red Bull! :-O Superb job sir! (H)

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Great , great car Bernard

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I'm a total dick. How many people can say that?

vire à direita se for o jejum do canário amarelo

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Red bull is looking amazing Bernard! :)

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Looking good Ricardo well done :) :)


CoM3 oN McL4R3n.....:)

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can we expect a CSm 2018 mod very soon ?
I've been working on the ACFL cars to convert them to GP4 about 2 weeks , the cars are almost ready but I'm not happy with the quality of the shapes , specially , the front and rear wings . The quality decreases because I can't use the best original car shape as it's huge and not possible to optimize to GP4 , the shape cannot be save in the GP4builder because of the number of polys . Then , reducing the polys count means decreases the quality of the cars . Moreover , I don't have permission to release in a public basis and don't feel confortable to give to one and don't give to all the community .
We have 5 cars already on the grid and I heard that others are coming , made from the scratch , absolutely legal . Hopefully soon all the cars will be available . The convertion ends here , I'm sorry for that .
Take as much time as you believe you need, but if I may, your cars seen on your pics are great!
You can always release them and later update or improve them... Or I'm so silly to think that way?

Humbly, Paulo

P.S. Hope you can get permission for a soon release

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