TGF1DRIVER Track Building 2015 - Circuit de Charade 1972

Posted by TGF1DRIVER 
After more than 3 years I just wanted to let you know that this project is still not dead. MAYBE I will go on with it somewhere in 2019, but I was busy with other projects (cars and other things outside GP4) nearly all the time. I'm still not sure if personal life allows me to go on with learning how to build a GP4 track, but I will try my best to find some time, but I can definetely not promise you anything! My biggest dream concerning GP4 is that we will have someday all historical F1 tracks at least as beta versions to play in GP4, and the track which are too long or big for the game as a shorter version such as Kleine Nordschleife for example. But there is at least a little hope that Charade 1972 will be ready as a beta version somewhere in 2019. :-) (Y) I wish everyone of you a happy Christmas and happy final 10 days to the holidays! ;-) (Y)

Hello guys. Anyone interested in finishing this project? I would give the files to someone else if he or she will finish the project. If interst, please pn. Thanks!
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