TGF1DRIVER Track Building 2015 - Circuit de Charade 1972

Posted by TGF1DRIVER 
A long time ago I promised I will build some tracks for GP4, and now here I am with the first dat-file which I have made on my own. :)(Y) Now I have no idea how to go on with the wad, but tell me, DO YOU WANT THIS TRACK? ;)(O)

Hope you like it! ;);-)

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Why the hell aren't the pictures shown directly here in my post!? I can only see the links. :( What did I wrong with the html tags!? hot
don't worry TGF the track looks unreal(Y) hopefully someone will help you finish it.
I wish I could help.

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You need to change the curly bracket '{' to a square bracket '['
@davegp4: If the track looks unrealistic for you then make it better! Be glad that I wanna share my works with you! ;-(
@gareth: Now I did what you said and the links for the pictures are completely gone now. :(

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Of course!
This was one of my favourite tracks in GP3. It would be fantastic to drive there with GP4!
The layout seems very exciting, even if it may not represent the exact real track.
Thanks Jarno_Trulli! :) (Y) That was what I wanted to hear, that gives me even more motivation! ;)(H)
good work !

what is your base for make the layout and elevations ?
Basically the GP3 track coordinates. But somehow start and end didn't match together, so I made the first corner and the three last corners completely myself! :-) The track wide and banks wide are estimated, but I think they are ok. (Y)
Here's your TGF1DRIVER images.....

@wrs: Now tell me please how you did that! :-ohot
He hosted your images on image hosting site to be more specific: []
You can't post mediafire viewer images on forums because they are embedded in well mediafire image viewer.
Well you can but you'll have to right click and select "copy image URL" first, for every single image.
@soulbringer Well, you have to explain this to me again, because I just did what you have said and there are still no pictures in my upper post. :((N)
@everyone: Now I want to start working on the wad but there's a basical problem: I forgot how to open a dat and gp4-file in GP4Builder at the same time. Can you tell me please? :)(Y)
Wow, this actually looks quite good. :-)

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@TGF1DRIVER: Put your .gp4 and .dat files in the same folder. When you open the .gp4, the .dat will be loaded automatically.

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Well, they are in the same folder. But when I open the .gp4-file then the .dat isn't loaded automatically. :((N)
Names of the .gp4 and the .dat must match, either like original names (track2001.gp4 and S1ctxx.dat), either by using the exact same name for both.

your .gp4 file (track) must match with the .dat file of the track that you took

ex : monza2001.gp4 with S1CT15.dat

Edit : Désolé Laurent, je n'avais pas vu que tu avais deja repondu

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pas de soucis Tojepo :)

Oh, well, melborne2001.wad and slot 15 (Monza). hot Now it works, thanks! (Y)
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