[RELEASED] 2015 CC-line & Track Cameras for Melbourne

Posted by Atticus. 
Hi guys,

As probably a lot of simracer did, I got caught up in the whirl of the season opener last weekend and just pretended for a moment that I was one of the drivers on the grid - where else but in GP4.

Then I realised how far off, not just the track cams (because those were obviously loosely based on the 2001 event), but the CC-line was as well from recent years' and the ideal line, respectively.

So I gave it a try and realigned both (using a lot of video footage as per desirable), to better reflect what there is now. Here you go:



- I used the original Melbourne track as a base.
- I included both the modified DAT & the individual CCL (CC-line) and TCM (track camera) files as well - you can either use the DAT, or import the CCL and TCM files to other versions of Melbourne (note that, although the track layout didn't change since 1996, the surroundings did, so the cameras might be a bit off when used with other versions).
- The CC-line yields a lot faster laptimes than the original, it's awesome, and it is bug-free in that there's not a single corner in which the AI awkwardly decelerates mid-corner.
- Where there were multiple cameras panning certain sections of the track, I had to prioritise which ones to use, so some of the views you got accustomed to during last weekend, or the years before may be missing.
- Magic data and track info is not modified, so you can use the track without GPxPatch, if you want.

I plan to keep releasing these updates for those 2015 races which will be run on circuits that are present in the vanilla GP4 - in most part; the tracks on the edge are Silverstone and the Hungaroring. The full list is Melbourne, Sepang, Barcelona*, Monaco, Montreal, A1-Ring, Silverstone*, Hungaroring*, Spa*, Monza, Suzuka, Interlagos. (12 out of 19; it's not that bad.) Asterisk denotes tracks that have been modified enough since 2001 to warrant the usage of older years' CC-lines and track cams around the parts in question.

The main reason I may not go on with the full season is a) I have a historical tendency not to complete things, and b) I also plan to introduce some major changes into my daily routine during the year (job change, fitness plan changes, etc.), which may hinder my ability to do this. The upside is that creating the two files (per track) takes only about 2*2-3 hours for me, so that may still be available. Fingers crossed.

In the meantime, have fun & enjoy Melbourne. :-)

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thank you very much :)
thanks! good idea.
Thank you, great work! :)
Thank you Mr. Atticus.

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