2011 Japanese GP **SPOILERS**

Posted by andreigp4 
2011 Japanese GP **SPOILERS**
Date: October 06, 2011 08:03PM
Posted by: andreigp4
Designed as a Honda test track in 1962 by John Hugenholtz, Suzuka is one of few circuits in the world to have a "figure 8" layout, with the back straight passing over the front section by means of an overpass.

The circuit was modified three times, once in 1983, when a chicane was put at the last curve to slow the cars into the pit straight and the Degner curve was made into two corners instead of one long curve; the circuit was also made considerably safer in 1983 by adding more Armco, more run-off areas and removing straw bales leading into vegetation; and again in 2002, when the chicane was slightly modified, 130R was also modified and some of the Snake curves were made a bit straighter and faster, and in 2003, when the chicane was made slightly faster and closer to the 130R.[2]

The circuit can be used in three configurations; the full circuit, the "Suzuka East" and "Suzuka West" configuration. The "East" portion of the course consists of the pit straight to the first half of the Dunlop curve (turn 7), before leading back to the pit straight via a tight right-hander. The "West" course is made up of the other part of the full circuit, including the crossover bridge. (Wikipedia)

Virtual Lap:





DRS zones:


1980 World Champion Alan Jones - driver representative steward

Garry Connelly FIA Committee member and FIA WMSC member
José Abed FIA Vice President

Suzuka Grand Prix winners:

2010 Sebastian Vettel - Red Bull-Renault *
2009 Sebastian Vettel – Red Bull-Renault *
2006 Fernando Alonso – Renault
2005 Kimi Räikkönen’s – McLaren-Mercedes
2004 Michael Schumacher – Ferrari *
2003 Rubens Barrichello – Ferrari *
2002 Michael Schumacher – Ferrari *
2001 Michael Schumacher – Ferrari *
2000 Michael Schumacher – Ferrari *
1999 Mika Häkkinen – McLaren-Mercedes
1998 Mika Häkkinen – McLaren-Mercedes
1997 Michael Schumacher – Ferrari
1996 Damon Hill – Williams-Renault
1995 Michael Schumacher – Benetton-Renault *
1994 Damon Hill – Williams-Renault
1993 Ayrton Senna – McLaren-Ford
1992 Ricardo Patrese – Williams-Renault
1991 Gerhard Berger – McLaren-Honda *
1990 Nélson Piquet – Benetton-Ford
1989 Alessandro Nannini – Benetton-Ford
1988 Ayrton Senna – McLaren-Honda *
1987 Gerhard Berger – Ferrari *

*Victory from pole position (gpupdate.net)

Track Specifications:

Name: Suzuka Circuit

Location: Japan

Timezone: GMT +0900

First Race: 1987

Laps: 53

Distance: 307.471 km

Start / Finish Offset: 0.300 km

Direction: Clockwise

Corners: 18

Length: 5.807km / 3.608mi

Lap record: 1:31.540 / K. Räikkönen / McLaren-Mercedes / 2005

Pole Lap 2010:

Suzuka Champions Grand Prix History
(1988, 1989, 1990, 1991, 1996, 1998, 1999 and 2000)

Re: 2011 Japanese GP **SPOILERS**
Date: October 06, 2011 09:16PM
Posted by: Incident 2k9
Another quality OP, looking forward to this race...

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Re: 2011 Japanese GP **SPOILERS**
Date: October 06, 2011 10:09PM
Posted by: matt3454
I didn't expect DRS to be on the start/finish straight, although T1 is probably a better overtaking opportunity than 130R.


Re: 2011 Japanese GP **SPOILERS**
Date: October 06, 2011 11:32PM
Posted by: Slash
matt3454 Wrote:
> I didn't expect DRS to be on the start/finish
> straight, although T1 is probably a better
> overtaking opportunity than 130R.

absoluteley.. however a defensive driver could use KERS to escape the DRS as it will be available as soon as they step the finish line, whereas in the backstraight, chances are they wouldn't have kers to rely on as it would probably be used trhough 1st and second sector
Re: 2011 Japanese GP **SPOILERS**
Date: October 07, 2011 12:23AM
Posted by: mortal
I think the OP has won the job of the race posts. Nice work as usual. :-)

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Re: 2011 Japanese GP **SPOILERS**
Date: October 07, 2011 01:18AM
Posted by: andreigp4
If someone has better ideas to create a certain permanent template, let me know or do it themselves. This one is copy/paste from various sources and I definitely don't deserve the credits. ;)

I have some stupid remarks to make before ending this post:

1. I predict Vettel's first DNF of the season but I don't think Jenson will win this race.
2. At Red Bull it's all about Mark Webber for the next races, so expect team orders from their behalf and possible wins in Japan, Abu Dhabi and Brazil.
3. I'm terrified if Newey started the work on the RB8 so early in the season... hope the spies do their work (hear that McLaren?)
4. And yeah, F1 needs to cut some races and stick to 15-16 races/season with testing.

Re: 2011 Japanese GP **SPOILERS**
Date: October 07, 2011 01:50AM
Posted by: matt3454
For the viewing public there doesn't need to be less races at all, i would love a race every week if that was possible!

I understand the teams are saying that their crew are being worked so hard, but why can't they have two different crews? Obviously this won't affect the team principles and so forth but their work is only really 3 days a week (Fri-Sun).


Re: 2011 Japanese GP **SPOILERS**
Date: October 07, 2011 04:38AM
Posted by: J i m
Macca 1-2 in fp1 with Button on top, slightly surprising as on a track like this I'd expect Hamilton to have a margin over Button. Slight mistake for Vettel at the degners, but that's nothing because he'll still be on pole.

Re: 2011 Japanese GP **SPOILERS**
Date: October 07, 2011 09:24AM
Posted by: Slash
Jenson probably considers this another "home" race... i'm sure his motivation to do well is very high... he's done generally good most of the time here.. with the car he has this season he should be a threat to Vettel on sunday

Matt, i think we see them friday tru sunday, but i'm sure those guys work very hard 24/7... it's very common to see them fighting to keep awake during the gp's... sometimes they just work overnight, and after the gp, they have to dismantle everything immediately to keep the schedule... i agree i would love more gp's.... but they would have to do an agreement to have the vast majority of races concentrated in one region.. (UK and Germany?) something like that... otherwise it would be logistically imposible..
Re: 2011 Japanese GP **SPOILERS**
Date: October 07, 2011 10:18AM
Posted by: chet
On the long runs RBR were untouchable.

Vettel is going to make it 3 wins I imagine. The final times are not important right now. Lewis and Vettel both gad traffic on their best laps I believe...

I love this track. It is for me the best track ever.

"Trulli was slowing down like he wanted to have a picnic" LOL
Re: 2011 Japanese GP **SPOILERS**
Date: October 07, 2011 10:32AM
Posted by: marcl
I wish Trulli would shut up about his bloody power steering!
Re: 2011 Japanese GP **SPOILERS**
Date: October 07, 2011 11:29AM
Posted by: J i m

RBR long run pace strong as you'd expect then, still the Friday long run form isn't always born out in the race so hopefully McLaren could make a race of it.

Re: 2011 Japanese GP **SPOILERS**
Date: October 07, 2011 06:46PM
Posted by: alonso0506
didnt watch much of prac today as it was on just before i left but what i saw in the results is that it could be quite close this sunday but redbull quickest (one of the) in speed trap.

Mercedes looks to be just behind the top3 and then its renault with senna to improve and maybe a surprise in quali who knows.

then its str but could be wrong maybe they had less fuel or maybe im wrong dunno.

for the rest cant really say who is where and what pace they really got but its aint long till we know more.

hope some good surprises in quali as suzuka always had something special like the 3 red flags in 09


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Re: 2011 Japanese GP **SPOILERS**
Date: October 08, 2011 06:51AM
Posted by: Ferrari2007
Absolutely buzzing for qualifying to start now

Suzuka always brings back the memories of the battles between Schumi and Hakkinen. Personally my top track in F1.

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Re: 2011 Japanese GP **SPOILERS**
Date: October 08, 2011 08:12AM
Posted by: matt3454
So frustrating, why can mclaren never get the basics right? At least his Tyree should Do a few more laps in the race


Re: 2011 Japanese GP **SPOILERS**
Date: October 08, 2011 06:31PM
Posted by: EC83
That's incredible from Vettel. His knack of being on pole is pretty unbelievable.
McLaren should give him a hard time in the race though. This should make great watching.

Re: 2011 Japanese GP **SPOILERS**
Date: October 08, 2011 06:45PM
Posted by: alexf1man
Kobayashi up to 7th after FIA ruling regarding those who hadn't set a time. Should make the locals even happier starting where he finished last year.

Re: 2011 Japanese GP **SPOILERS**
Date: October 08, 2011 08:17PM
Posted by: EC83
Yep, that's what Martin Brundle picked up on too during Q3 - a driver who goes out and doesn't do a timed lap but records sector times will get precedence over one who doesn't go out at all. Same as with drivers who do a timed lap getting precedence over those who don't.
Still, good performance by the Renaults to get into Q3, clearly they're best suited to fast circuits. Strong performance by Senna especially, with his lack of track time.

It'll be interesting to see what progress Nico makes through the field as well after his setback, and to see how Perez copes with his illness too.

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Re: 2011 Japanese GP **SPOILERS**
Date: October 09, 2011 09:38AM
Posted by: elpasho2005f1
Congrats to Vettel, Button & Alonso With an awesome drive.

Schumi as ever, schweet. Thought people would like this photo :P

Re: 2011 Japanese GP **SPOILERS**
Date: October 09, 2011 09:43AM
Posted by: J i m
Icy atmosphere in pre podium room....

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