The Official 2018 Austrian Grand Prix Thread ***SPOILERS with Flow-Viz paint***

Posted by EC83 
2018 Austrian Grand Prix

So, P3 is starting soon... There seems to be some dodgy weather in the area waiting to kick off, judging by how the clouds were looking yesterday.
Hoping for a close and entertaining Quali and race, which we usually tend to get here anyway.

Have there been any news regarding the Westschleife? Seem to recall there being talks about reactivating it last year...

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Nah, sadly there seems to be no more news about it - the most recent "new" news Google came up with was from 2016. Seemingly it was a rumour which turned out to be unsubstantiated.
Disappointing really, because a reactivation of the original Osterreichring would be all kinds of epic.

Nice Pole by Bottas!

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After all the bad luck i hope Bottas get the win. Although i would like Vettel to score high as well so we have a fight for the championship. Great qualy by rogro as well really surprised by the haas. Anyones game if the bad weather shows up the midfield is soo close. fingers crossed for mclaren to get double points


What a quality race. Feels like half a season worth of action just happened. The Force was strong in this one!

Brilliant win by Max!

Just needs a Mercedes double DNF to make things interesting :D

A bit disappointed that Kimi couldn't catch Max in the end, wonder how it would've turned out if he didn't mess up T2 in lap 1. Good race for Sauber, first double points in quite a while I think.

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