2017 BTCC by Grid Positions

Posted by ipswich2007 
2017 BTCC by Grid Positions
Date: March 17, 2017 05:48PM
Posted by: ipswich2007
Sorry for the delay, after R2 Donington:

Drivers Championship

Tom Ingram (ENG) 96pts
Rob Austin (ENG) 91pts
Jeff Smith (ENG) 88pts
Jack Goff (ENG) 78pts
Gordon Shedden (SCO) 75pts
Matt Neal (ENG) 72pts
Adam Morgan (ENG) 54pts
Colin Turkington (NIR) 51pts
Aiden Moffat (SCO) 39pts
Michael Epps (ENG) 36pts
Tom Chilton (ENG) 24pts
Jake Hill (ENG) 21ptsX
Andrew Jordan (ENG) 21ptsX
Matt Simpson (ENG) 18pts
Aron Taylor-Smith (ROI) 15pts
Rob Collard (ENG) 12pts
Mat Jackson (ENG) 6pts
Jason Plato (ENG) 3pts
Senna Proctor (ENG) (P16x1 P19x1)
Daniel Lloyd (ENG) (P16x1 P25x1)
Josh Cook (ENG) (P17x1 P21x1)
Luke Davenport (ENG) (P17x1 P27x1)
Chris Smiley (ENG) (P20x1 P28x1)
Stephen Jelley (ENG) (P20x1 P30x1)
Ashley Sutton (ENG) (P22x1 NQP31x1)
Dave Newsham (SCO) (P22x1 NQP32x1)
James Cole (ENG) (P23x1 P27x1)
Martin Depper (ENG) (P24x1 P26x1)
Will Burns (ENG) (P24x1 P30x1)
Ollie Jackson (ENG) (P25x1 P29x1)
Ant Whorton-Eales (ENG) (P26x1 P29x1)
Josh Price (ENG) (P28x1 P31x1)

Manufacturers/Constructors Championship

Honda (JAP) 222pts
BMW (GER) 159pts
Vauxhall (GBR) 117pts
MG (GBR) 105pts
Subaru (JAP) 93pts

Teams Championship

Eurotech Racing 159pts
Halfords Yuasa Racing 147pts
Speedworks Motorsport 96pts
Handy Motorsport 84pts
Team BMW 63pts
Ciceley Motorsport 54pts
Laser Tools Racing 39pts
Autoaid/RCIB Insurance Racing 36pts
Power Maxed Racing 24pts
TAG Racing 21ptsX
BMW Pirtek Racing 21ptsX
Simpson Racing 18pts
MG Racing RCIB Insurance 15pts
Team Shredded Wheat Racing with Duo 6pts
Adrian Flux Subaru Racing 3pts
Team Parker with Maximum Motorsport 0pts (P17x1 P20x1, P21x1 P29x1)
BTC Norlin Racing 0pts (P20x1 P22x1 P26x1, NQP30x1)
AmDtuning.com with Cobra Exhausts 0pts (P25x2, P27x1 P28x1)
BMR Racing Academy 0pts (P27x1 P29x1)

Independent Drivers Championship

Tom Ingram 96pts
Rob Austin 93pts
Jack Goff 90pts
Jeff Smith 87pts
Adam Morgan 75pts
Michael Epps 60pts
Aiden Moffat 51pts
Mat Jackson 45pts
Josh Cook 39pts
Jake Hill 30pts
Luke Davenport 24pts
Chris Smiley 21pts
Stephen Jelley 18pts
Martin Depper 15ptsX
Dave Newsham 15ptsX
Will Burns 12pts
Ollie Jackson 9pts
Ant Whorton-Eales 6pts

Independent Teams Championship

Eurotech Racing 111pts
Handy Motorsport 99pts
Speedworks Motorsport 96pts
Ciceley Motorsport 75pts
Autoaid/RCIB Insurance Racing 63pts
Laser Tools Racing 60pts
Team Shredded Wheat Racing with Duo 51ptsX
Team Parker with Maximum Motorsport 51ptsX
TAG Racing 48pts
AmDtuning.com with Cobra Exhausts 36ptsX
BTC Norlin Racing 36ptsX

Jack Sears Trophy

Senna Proctor 120pts
Luke Davenport 96pts
Will Burns 90pts
Ant Whorton-Eales 78pts
Josh Price 72pts

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Re: 2017 BTCC by Grid Positions
Date: May 24, 2017 06:31PM
Posted by: ipswich2007
after r4 oulton

Drivers Championship d0ne oulton

Matt Neal (ENG) 206pts
Gordon Shedden (SCO) 159pts
Tom Ingram (ENG) 150pts
Jack Goff (ENG) 135pts
Rob Austin (ENG) 130pts
Jeff Smith (ENG) 118pts
Colin Turkington (NIR) 111pts
Aiden Moffat (SCO) 96pts
Adam Morgan (ENG) 81pts
Andrew Jordan (ENG) 72pts
Ashley Sutton (ENG) 54pts
Mat Jackson (ENG) 51pts
Michael Epps (ENG) 45pts
Tom Chilton (ENG) 39ptsX
Jake Hill (ENG) 39ptsX
Rob Collard (ENG) 33pts
Matt Simpson (ENG) 30pts
Josh Cook (ENG) 24pts
Aron Taylor-Smith (ROI) 15pts
Senna Proctor (ENG) 6pts
Jason Plato (ENG) 3ptsX
Luke Davenport (ENG) 3ptsX
Daniel Lloyd (ENG) (P16x1 P25x1 P26x1 P29x1)
Ant Whorton-Eales (ENG) (P19x2 P26x1 P29x1)
Stephen Jelley (ENG) (P20x1 P23x1 P28x1 P30x1)
Chris Smiley (ENG) (P20x1 P27x1 P28x1 P29x1)
James Cole (ENG) (P21x1 P23x1 P26x1 P27x1)
Ollie Jackson (ENG) (P22x1 P25x2 P29x1)
Dave Newsham (SCO) (P22x2 P28x1 NQP32x1)
Martin Depper (ENG) (P24x1 P26x1 P31x1 P32x1)
Will Burns (ENG) (P24x1 P27x1 P30x2)
Josh Price (ENG) (P28x1 P31x2 P32x1)

Manufacturers/Constructors Championship done oult

Honda (JAP) 432pts
BMW (GER) 321pts
Vauxhall (GBR) 228pts
Subaru (JAP) 222pts
MG (GBR) 189pts

Teams Championship done oult

Halfords Yuasa Racing 351pts
Eurotech Racing 246pts
Speedworks Motorsport 150pts
Team BMW 144pts
Handy Motorsport 123pts
Laser Tools Racing 96pts
Ciceley Motorsport 81pts
BMW Pirtek Racing 72pts
Adrian Flux Subaru Racing 57pts
Team Shredded Wheat Racing with Duo 54pts
Power Maxed Racing 45ptsX
Autoaid/RCIB Insurance Racing 45ptsX
TAG Racing 39pts
Simpson Racing 30pts
Team Parker with Maximum Motorsport 0pts 24pts
MG Racing RCIB Insurance 15pts
AmDtuning.com with Cobra Exhausts 0pts (P19x2, P21x1, P25x3, P27x1 P28x1)
BTC Norlin Racing 0pts (P20x1 P22x2 P26x2, P27x1, P28x1, NQP30x1)
BMR Racing Academy 0pts (P27x1 P29x1 P30x2)

Independent Drivers Championship done oult

Jack Goff 180ptsX
Tom Ingram 180ptsX
Rob Austin 162pts
Jeff Smith 147pts
Aiden Moffat 138pts
Mat Jackson 126pts
Adam Morgan 120pts
Josh Cook 105pts
Michael Epps 102pts
Jake Hill 78pts
Luke Davenport 54pts
Ant Whorton-Eales 42pts
Dave Newsham 27ptsX
Stephen Jelley 27ptsX
Ollie Jackson 27ptsX
Chris Smiley 24pts
Martin Depper 15ptsX
Will Burns 15ptsX

Independent Teams Championship dopne oult

Eurotech Racing 201pts
Speedworks Motorsport 180pts
Handy Motorsport 168pts
Laser Tools Racing 150pts
Team Shredded Wheat Racing with Duo 135pts
Ciceley Motorsport 132pts
Team Parker with Maximum Motorsport 123pts
Autoaid/RCIB Insurance Racing 111pts
TAG Racing 102pts
AmDtuning.com with Cobra Exhausts 81pts
BTC Norlin Racing 69pts

Jack Sears Trophy done oult

Senna Proctor 240pts
Luke Davenport 192pts
Ant Whorton-Eales 174pts
Will Burns 168pts
Josh Price 138pts

Re: 2017 BTCC by Grid Positions
Date: August 27, 2017 11:44PM
Posted by: ipswich2007
after r8 ROCKINGHAM:

Drivers Championship done ROCK

Matt Neal (ENG) 296pts
Colin Turkington (NIR) 291pts
Tom Ingram (ENG) 264pts
Ashley Sutton (ENG) 256pts
Jack Goff (ENG) 256pts
Gordon Shedden (SCO) 219pts
Adam Morgan (ENG) 159pts
Rob Austin (ENG) 157pts
Jason Plato (ENG) 136pts
Jeff Smith (ENG) 133pts
Mat Jackson (ENG) 132pts
James Cole (ENG) 115pts
Aiden Moffat (SCO) 102pts
Andrew Jordan (ENG) 102pts
Rob Collard (ENG) 99pts
Josh Cook (ENG) 96pts
Tom Chilton (ENG) 72pts
Michael Epps (ENG) 60pts
Aron Taylor-Smith (ROI) 60pts
Jake Hill (ENG) 54pts
Senna Proctor (ENG) 33pts
Josh Price 33pts (ENG)
Matt Simpson (ENG) 30pts
Dave Newsham (SCO) 24pts
Ant Whorton-Eales (ENG) 12pts
Ollie Jackson (ENG) 6pts
Luke Davenport (ENG) 3pts
Stephen Jelley (ENG) (P16x1 P20x2 P23x1 P24x1 P28x1 P29x1 P30x1)
Daniel Lloyd (ENG) (P16x1 P25x1 P26x1 P29x1)
Chris Smiley (ENG) (P20x1 P22x1 P24x1 P25x1 P27x1 P28x1 P29x1 NQP31x1)
Will Burns (ENG) (P20x1 P24x1 P26x1 P27x1 P28x1 P30x3)
Rory Butcher (SCO) (P21x1 P25x1)
Brett Smith (ENG) (P23x1 P26x1 P29x1)
Martin Depper (ENG) (P24x1 P26x1 P27x1 P29x1 P30x1 P31x2 P32x1)
Dennis Strandberg (SWE) (P24x1)
Stewart Lines (ENG) (P31x1 P32x2)

Manufacturers/Constructors Championship done ROCK

Honda (JAP) 684pts
BMW (GER) 642pts
Subaru (JAP) 618pts
Vauxhall (GBR) 420pts
MG (GBR) 420pts

Teams Championship done ROCK

Halfords Yuasa Racing 507pts
Adrian Flux Subaru Racing 420pts
Team BMW 393pts
Eurotech Racing 381pts
Speedworks Motorsport 267pts
Ciceley Motorsport 162pts
Handy Motorsport 150pts
Team Shredded Wheat Racing with Duo 141pts
MG Racing RCIB Insurance 141pts
Power Maxed Racing 111pts
BMW Pirtek Racing 105pts
Laser Tools Racing 102pts
Autoaid/RCIB Insurance Racing 63pts
TAG Racing 57pts
BMR Racing Academy/A-Plan Academy 36pts
Simpson Racing 30pts
Team Parker with Maximum Motorsport 27pts
BTC Norlin Racing 27pts
AmDtuning.com with Cobra Exhausts 24pts

Independent Drivers Championship done ROCK

Tom Ingram 387pts
Jack Goff 336pts
Mat Jackson 291pts
Rob Austin 270pts
Adam Morgan 270pts
Jeff Smith 198pts
Michael Epps 189pts
Aiden Moffat 177pts
Jake Hill 171pts
Ant Whorton-Eales 132pts
Dave Newsham 120pts
Stephen Jelley 108pts
Josh Cook 105pts
Ollie Jackson 102pts
Chris Smiley 66pts
Will Burns 60pts
Luke Davenport 57pts
Rory Butcher 36pts
Martin Depper 27pts
Brett Smith 21pts
Dennis Strandberg 18pts
Stewart Lines 0pts (P17x1 P18x2)

Independent Teams Championship done ROCK

Eurotech Racing 402pts
Speedworks Motorsport 387pts
Team Shredded Wheat Racing with Duo 300pts
Ciceley Motorsport 288pts
Handy Motorsport 282pts
Laser Tools Racing 222pts
Team Parker with Maximum Motorsport 222pts
Autoaid/RCIB Insurance Racing 216pts
TAG Racing 210pts
AmDtuning.com with Cobra Exhausts 192pts
BTC Norlin Racing 183pts

Jack Sears Trophy done ROCK

Senna Proctor 429pts
Ant Whorton-Eales 369pts
Josh Price 354pts
Will Burns 309pts
Luke Davenport 222pts
Brett Smith 108pts
Rory Butcher 84pts
Dennis Strandberg 39pts

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