Cockpit for NON-open wheeler cars ( DTM, WTCC, LMS...) by shlund and 11marco

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After a long time here is my update.
I hope you enjoy it.

The cockpit, the steering wheel, the hands and the gearshift are from the original version

The cockpit, steering wheel, hands and shift lever have been changed for the new model.
There are several possibilities to mix these options and have other combinations.

I am working on the next version that will be released soon with a different cockpit and steering wheel for each team.

Here is an example:

In the next post I will be making the files available and also explaining how to configure all the panels and options


Evandro ( Brazil )

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Here is the correct sequence of the panels

We have two gear lever models (Momo USA and Shut Orbitt)
In the screenshots I used Momo USA
With this configuration you can have one or the other by pressing the F3 or F4 keys. This occurs when you are in the game.

This gearshift image is not static like the original. It moves with each gear change.

Special attention to the "Racing Car - Dials (equal) .ini" and "Racing Car - Car in pits.ini" panels
The first will show the image of the cockpit on the track and the other for the pit
Here we have 3 cockpit images available but we must have the same configuration in both !!!
I chose image 3 which is the same as the screenshots

Here we have the steering wheel and hands
I left the Martini Racing steering wheel and Hands New Enable
It is the white car screenshot (second image)

So if we want another steering wheel, just disable this and enable another one.
The same thing with the image of the hands on the steering wheel.

As mentioned, in this version we will have the same steering wheel, cockpit and hands for all cars.

Evandro ( Brazil )

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As said, here is the file.

===>>> Racing Car ( Update )

Necessary recommendations:

a) Before installing this package, be sure to back up your files.

You will need to install new files in the following folders:
Gp3jamsh \ Liveries
Gp3jamsh \ Main
Gp3jamsh \ TechJam

b) The "Racing Car" folder should be placed in gpxpdata\pnl

c) Configure GPxPatch to use the "Le Mans 2015 Closed 2 + Racing Car.cs3" carshpae which is in the "Racing Car\Cockpit_Wheel" folder

d) Font size
On the GPxPatch tab, click the Edit Fonts button
Configure each of them with the following values
This is necessary for the font size to be adjusted inside the car panel.

The front of the car is the image from the cockpit file. I used solid colors as in this example

This project was made for 1024x768 screen resolution

Evandro ( Brazil )

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For tracks with inclined curves (for example Daytona) the image of the cockpit does not incline. The image is fixed and the car is not.

In the pit the digital panel rotates according to the movement of the steering wheel. The image is not fixed.

But even with these problems it’s very interesting to drive with this cockpit

Evandro ( Brazil )

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Another finished stage.

Now we can have the Ferrari 458 steering wheel in every car.

That would be nice if we had a F40 or GT carset and carshape !!!

I am also working on the colors of the banner. Here we have as an example the red one to match the car.

Soon I will make the file available for download.

Evandro ( Brazil )

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Please check your email, Evandro.

Kind regards

an F40 ferrari carshape is available. I have it. I plan to make a GT 97 carset around it, but I am not sure when I will get around to that. I have other project ideas higher up the list
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