Cockpit for NON-open wheeler cars ( DTM, WTCC, LMS...) by shlund and 11marco

Posted by 11marco 
Hi friends... GP3 is still great racing game and we have many carsets. There are also some great DTM, WTCC, LMS carsets and updates...but there is one problem...cockpit. GP3 is formula 1 simulation and so we have only open wheeler cockpit. Carshape has lag of polygons so it is very difficult (I think immpossible) to create good looking racing cockpit..But Mr. Shlund came here with idea of using TV-overlays ( like my F1 T-cam)....and here is the result of our work...we used screenshots from others racing games and great Mr. BELINIĀ“s F1 cockpit...

Uploaded with

2.extract rar
3. copy in GP3 folder GPxPatch....GPxCInfo
5.put .ini files in GPxCInfo panels (in the same order like on the picture)

6.export cockpit file and steering wheel file with CarEditor
7.enjoy game and be fast


...still beta version...please write your opinion, ideas...or bugs...

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I'm being speechless. That looks freaking cool :) Great job!!!

Fantastic idea, I will download it right now and test it.

Happy racing from Germany !!!

Absolutely brilliant :)
I made some testings with different carshapes, the racing_car.cs (LMS) is quite okay, is it possible to make the
orange parts in the preview invisible ?

Happy racing from Germany !!!

Hi Drafi, what you think with orange parts??? Orange part on preview is part of carshape...and every team can have own colour and there can be also sponsor logo....or you are thinking that it will be better when there is no visible part of carshape.....yes that is possible...but then will be all cockpits differences between teams.

This cockpit can be used with all need only export steering file and cockpit file with CarEditor....and in graphical options put 100% size of cockpit....
Yes, Marco, I understand, it was only because in other games (rFactor, GTR2...) all cockpits are the same.
Anyway, great stuff, especially for a TC fan like me.

Happy racing from Germany !!!

Yeah, a great thing for touring car racing fans :) I've been waiting to see this for a long time. Can you guys tell me how to make new steering wheels for that cockpit? I tried editing the already existing steering wheel bitmap but what I received was the steering wheel somehow placed upon the default wheel. The places which didn't overlap each other were either white or invisible. I'm sure it's a layer/transparency involving issue but I really don't know how to fix it as I'm not an advanced Photoshop user :/. A handy tutorial would be of much help. :)

Here's what I'm talking about:

By the way, it's a great cockpit for Porsche Supercup 2010 carset...for which I made the artwork while there are still needed car painters to make that carset complete.

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I have this problem:

Any ideas ?

Happy racing from Germany !!!

Maybe you use different cockpit camera settings? I use the default ones (x: 0 ,y: -20,z: 28 Direction: 0, Pitch: -1, Roll: 0) and it works fine. If it doesn't help, maybe you should change the cockpit angle in graphics. You can also try changing game resolution.

Yes, Przemyslaw, you are right, with the default camera setting it works fine, thank you very much.

Happy racing from Germany !!!

You're welcome, Helmut.

By the way, as far as suggestions concerning the cockpit are concerned, I think that it'd be good to reduce the speed of dust gathering on the windscreen. In my opinion, dust gathers way too fast...then it clears up and the story goes again. This process should be more gradual.

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woooooo excellent job!!! looks impressive!

Geniusses ! however i doubt i'll use it much. (dont play much touring cars) I must admit this is exactly what GP3 needed to make these series fun :D Great job and huge thanks.


"If in doubt, Flat out."

BTW, is there someone who can post here this car shape???

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I think there is a LMP shape included in the download file from 11marco, but there is also a carshape pack for LMP's in download section... :)
The LMP shape (Racing Car) is included, Rodrigo.

Happy racing from Germany !!!

Me again ...

Sorry to be a pest!

If anyone has this cockpit for closed cars and some good carshapes to go with it I'd really appreacite it!

Big thanks!


Happy racing from Germany

Thanks Helmut

What a fantastic addition. I am trying to get a ferrari GT40 carshape to work but is keeps causing a CTD. If anyone has a closed car carshape I'd love to give it a try.


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