Cockpit for NON-open wheeler cars ( DTM, WTCC, LMS...) by shlund and 11marco

Posted by 11marco 

I accidentally found this beautiful treasure and I would like to make it current.

I started an update but I have some questions and I need you help me.


Evandro ( Brazil )

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Here is my questions

I made an original installation of GP3 1.13 with GPxPtch 4.52

I installed the "Racing Car.rar" package provided by Helmut and followed the settings according to the "gpx.png" screen

I used the carshape "racing_car.cs3" through GPxPtch 4.52 without importing to GP3.exe with CarEditor.exe

The first thing I need to solve is what is happening with the steering wheel panel.

When the car is in the pit the panel is the same as the original GP3. ( second photo )

Does this also happen to you or is it necessary to have a configuration or file that I don't have?

I made a modification to the file "car_cockpit.tga" changing the gray band and customizing it with the driver's name.

I could have two projects here.

1 - Make a standard logo for all cars. For example DTM - IMSA...

2 - Or customize for each car ( driver ) or team in the same way as I have seen with the helmets visors

I haven't tried it yet but that's what I would like to do.
Elio has done a lot of this with the visors for his MODs.
So I ask. Would it be the same path or in this case is it different?

Finally I did a test with a new steering wheel and the gloves used in Elio's MOD.

If someone wants to take the tests I can send the files by email


Evandro ( Brazil )

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