Car model problem

Posted by RusPro 
Car model problem
Date: June 06, 2020 12:15PM
Posted by: RusPro
Hello everyone.
I am new at GP3 and I have a problem.
I downloaded Formula E season 6 carset. I exported all car and helmet textures to the game. Everything works fine. But then I try to export a car model. And when I open GP3 by GPxPatch the game crashes to the desktop.
I tried to export 2 car models (f1 2020 and FE 6) with CarEditor and GPxPatch but the game doesn't open. Maybe I did something wrong. Can you help me please.
Re: Car model problem
Date: June 06, 2020 02:30PM
Posted by: steseys
try to open careditor with your shape that want and safe as ctf file

then import carshape from your game and import ctf file you just saved
and export back to your game should do the trick
Re: Car model problem
Date: June 06, 2020 04:03PM
Posted by: RusPro
Thanks for advice. But when I tried to import carshape from a game, I got problems with CarEditor. CarEditor gives an error "Bad Magic Number"
Re: Car model problem
Date: June 06, 2020 09:45PM
Posted by: pippozzo
maybe carmodel (carshape) is for another version of gp3. there are 3 different version of gp3.
gp3 1.0 - just after installation . it's unsefull .
gp3 1.13 - when you install the official patch 1.13 , or download gp3 113 executable.
gp3 2000 - based default on 2000 season F1.

the car editor is settable for all both them. probably you are using a carshape created in another version instead yours.
try this.
open carshape you want to use. select File-> export ctf. save the file with a name.
reinstall gp3 import carshape from exe. select import ctf. take the file saved.
select exoprt to game.
Re: Car model problem
Date: June 07, 2020 11:33AM
Posted by: RusPro
Hello, pippozzo.

Thanks for advice, but as I wrote at my last message, when I click on "Import car from exe", CarEditor gives an error "Bad Magic Number" and says that I didn't decrypted gp3.exe, but I patched game to 1.13 version and copied to the game folder no cd version of gp3.exe 1.13. After "Bad Magic Number" the car from exe donesn't load. Then I click on import .ctf and choose carshape.ctf. CarEditor gives another error message "No car loaded". What is wrong with my gp3.exe?
Re: Car model problem
Date: June 07, 2020 12:17PM
Posted by: pippozzo
no. right. By first you need a decrypted gp3.exe . found on this site directly all files you need, in the section utils and editors -> GP3 Patches. Take gp3 113 decryted and also gp3nocd. That what you need o put in the game by first just after installation.
Then set the careditor in gp3 113. and load the car from exe and import on it the ctf file.

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Re: Car model problem
Date: June 07, 2020 01:48PM
Posted by: RusPro
THANKS!!! Now everything works! Have a nice day!
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