Posted by HarryHamm 
Re: 2018
Date: March 04, 2018 01:13PM
Posted by: shlund
@Orloff : Thank you very much for the fine carskins and for keeping the 2018 cars up to date, thats great (Y)

I was thinking if it was possible to adjust the 2018 carshape to have the visual air intakes on the sidepods like the F1 GP3 seasons 2011 - 2016...?? It gives a better look imho :)
Re: 2018
Date: March 05, 2018 12:05PM
Posted by: Octos
Thank you very much sté and orloff , "GREAT WORK".(Y)
Re: 2018
Date: March 05, 2018 03:11PM
Posted by: steseys
the carset from Orloff
on the 2018 D Halo shape looks pretty good
not much distortion
i had fear much worse

Re: 2018
Date: March 17, 2018 09:40AM
Posted by: HarryHamm
can you do cars with no numbers
Re: 2018
Date: March 22, 2018 01:47PM
Posted by: Orloff
Re: 2018
Date: March 24, 2018 02:25PM
Posted by: HarryHamm
thanks orloff
Re: 2018
Date: March 30, 2018 03:47PM
Posted by: shlund
Did anyone make a complete (or almost complete) GP3 Formula 1 2018 carset file for the community? If possible please upload to download section (Y):-)

Edit: Drafi5 made our day and supplied us with a carset file. Soon ready for download in download section 'Season Packages'...

All credit and big thanks to original authors:

- cars, cockpits and helmets by Orloff

- artwork for GP4 by rracunis

- compilation by drafi5

- smaller adjustments/additions by shlund

This is just a beta/workfile (my personal) and some items need to be done (some box banners, grid cars etc)... Performance is set according to GP Melbourne and must be set anew after each GP.

Edited 1 time(s). Last edit at 03/31/2018 09:21AM by shlund.
Re: 2018
Date: April 09, 2018 03:38PM
Posted by: Orloff
Changed some details

Liveries updated2018 F1 carskins
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