Best shooters?

Posted by Pont 
Best shooters?
Date: July 18, 2011 04:33PM
Posted by: Pont
What are the best shooters (games) presently available (both single and multiplayer?)
Re: Best shooters?
Date: July 19, 2011 10:39AM
Posted by: msater
Whatever you do, don't get anything that says Activision or Call of Duty on it.

America's Army 3 is good, and it's free, so even better. Team Fortress 2 is the best multiplayer game ever imho, and that's free too, so that's great. Battlefield 2: Bad Company is very good, and Battlefield 3 will be amazing.

These are all for PC btw.

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Re: Best shooters?
Date: July 21, 2011 11:24AM
Posted by: truecrysis
crysis 2, all i really need to say


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Re: Best shooters?
Date: July 23, 2011 02:31AM
Posted by: Ho3n3r
Crysis 2 is aweSOME yes. I promise you won't be disappointed :)
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