Grand Prix 2: Wet races

Posted by zifox 
Grand Prix 2: Wet races
Date: June 28, 2024 08:19PM
Posted by: zifox

I'm trying to mod the game in order to have wet weather races. I've downloaded GP2Wet, but encountered some issues I haven't been able to go round:
- The tool apparently could replace some Jam files, because I get darker visuals, but I'm not sure all are replaced, some tracks seem to keep quite a bright tarmac.
- The tool fails to load some executables apparently thought for sound, which are 16 bits and cannot run on modern hardware. I'm wondering what they do and if I could replace sounds manually ? If so, could anybody help me on this ?
- There's an issue with tyre grip, the CC cars cannot find any ! Launching a quick race on Imola , the CC cars don't reach 150kph in the first straight. (I haven't check the player's car grip yet). There's a window to choose the tyre grip in the tool, but I can't find any action to update the game.
So I'm thinking of editing the tyre grip through another tool, but I'm a bit lost when I check GP2Edit. Is there a global tyre grip factor, or should I edit all the different values tweaking the grip, for both player and CC cars ?

Thank in advance, I appreciate any help / hints I can get.

(or better, if someone has already created a GP2 install with wet weather, i'll gladly test it !)

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Re: Grand Prix 2: Wet races
Date: July 03, 2024 07:07PM
Posted by: teunieeegp4
Here is the GP2 1994 wet patch


Thanks to pippozzo

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