Grand Prix 2 - I did this, and GP2Limit worked

Posted by TheFireKing 
Grand Prix 2 - I did this, and GP2Limit worked
Date: May 12, 2024 03:43PM
Posted by: TheFireKing
I was going to write this on the gp2 forum, but I lost access to my account.
Anyway, for a long time I couldn't use gp2limit on Windows 10 due to the "Path/File access error". I looked for solutions everywhere and never found them.
However, today I tried a lot of things, and the solution for me was very simple, maybe it will work for you.

Put gp2limit.exe in the same folder as gp2.exe, when you run gp2limit, don't write the whole path (c:/gp2/gp2.exe), just write gp2.exe and press enter.

And that's it.

You can use this tool to, to get GP2Limit to work

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