F1 manager 2022

Posted by Pedersen 
F1 manager 2022
Date: September 02, 2022 10:52AM
Posted by: Pedersen
I bought the game on the 25th and been playing it on and off since its release a couple of days ago, already managed a season with Haas and despite scoring 13 points i got fired at the end of the season as the board wanted to finish 6th in the championship and i only managed 8th....

But i have a question, how do i swap between my drivers? i know how to put my reserve in for practice 1 but if i want to sideline a driver for a race or 2 how do i get my reserve driver in that seat?

Atm im trying my hands on Aston Martin, i hired Piastri, Vesti and Drugovich with Drugovich as reserve, but i want to give Drugovich a try next to Piastri but cant seem to managed to swap them....

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