When you`re on the road and wanting some Geoff Crammond gp action.

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GP2 on Android using tilt steering and virtual buttons.

The World Sim Racing Championship

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Can you do a write up on how you installed it etc.

[www.mediafire.com] Some say you should click it, you know you want to. :-) [www.gp4central.com] <----GP4 Central
Definitely. I was planning on doing a youtube video on how I configured it.

The World Sim Racing Championship
Here is a link to some basic instructions for configuring Magic Dosbox to run GP2 in android. I hope this finds itself useful. I added a few more virtual buttons simplify controls. The Esc key in particular was necessary as Magic Dosbox highjacks that key for it's own purposes.


The World Sim Racing Championship

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Amazing! Can't wait to give it a go. Thanks


Your welcome! I'm glad I could bring some enjoyment to this old sim! :)

The World Sim Racing Championship
We ALL DESPERATELY (begging on hands and knees)need a guide on how to make wheels work with these old games.

I could not get the g27 to calibrate properly,calibration dot was racing wildly across the screen.

I uninstalled all versions of dosbox excpet for the one For GP2.

I am lost ,been trying for hours but at a loss.
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