Logitech G27 / F1GP / GP2 / DosBox

Posted by zifox 
Logitech G27 / F1GP / GP2 / DosBox
Date: February 11, 2021 09:03AM
Posted by: zifox

nostalgia struck me after re-installing GP4 and i'd like to try to see if I could play GP1 and GP2 with my wheel. I've played for hundred of hours using a joystick, never with a wheel.

I had no issue installing the game using Dosbox ECE (took advice from Ted Meat website), but I'm having trouble with the wheel configuration: I have a dead zone in the center of the wheel that I can not remove, and it seems the dead zone depend of the max rotation of the wheel:
If I set the max rotation to 900°, I have a dead zone (meaning the games do not see any movement at all, i can see it in calibration) of about 20° each way. If I set the max rotation to 300°, it goes down to about 10°.

If I open the wheel settings in windows, I can see it moving from the start, while in the game the red circle stays in the middle, and suddenly jerks left or right. I think once it sees movement, it does take the correct rotation value so there it's quite off/on.
Thinking it has something to do with dosbox, I plugged an old joystick (sidewinder precision 2), and it works fine. Si I guess the issue does come from the wheel, BUT, it works perfectly fine in GP4 or other games ( i haven't tried GP3 yet, but it's ok in assetto corsa, Dirt, etc...).

I'm quite lost here, if anyone has pointers to solve this, I'll gladly take any advice.
Re: Logitech G27 / F1GP / GP2 / DosBox
Date: February 18, 2021 11:03AM
Posted by: zifox
Small update on my issue:

I did manage to make my setup work for F1GP, using dosbox 0.74 (not the ECE version). It's amazing how the game feels even today.

I tried launching GP2 the same way, but here I'm stuck with a well known issue: I can't calibrate the wheel as the values oscillate, depending on DosBox speed. (the faster I allow dosbox to work, the faster the oscaillation)
Re: Logitech G27 / F1GP / GP2 / DosBox
Date: February 28, 2021 12:46PM
Posted by: torana_05
How is your issue zifox, have you managed to solve the oscillating problem? I am using Dosbox ECE and cannot seem to get gp2 to recognise my pedals, I have the steering, which at the moment is not oscillating. I think I read somewhere that this may be solved by making timed=true. not sure.


Re: Logitech G27 / F1GP / GP2 / DosBox
Date: February 28, 2021 04:21PM
Posted by: zifox

I did manage to solve my issue, which was caused by a mixup in configuration files. I have several versions of dosbox and multiple configuration files for the games I run (I store a conf and mapper files in the game folder), and when I was launching DosBox ECE, it was not using the correct mapper file, next to the conf, but the "default/main" one in the user profile folder.
I removed the mapper file in User/AppData/Local/dosbox and everything went fine.
Re: Logitech G27 / F1GP / GP2 / DosBox
Date: March 04, 2021 09:49PM
Posted by: torana_05
Hahah sorry about this, just trying to get it in my head. You have a dosbox in the gp2 folder? and then you point the dosbox app to run the conf within the gp2 folder? I never thought of running it this way,sounds alout easier than mounting the dir everytime. Could you send me the conf files, as i still have the issue with the pedals which i cannot seem to fix. Thanks


Re: Logitech G27 / F1GP / GP2 / DosBox
Date: March 07, 2021 08:09PM
Posted by: zifox
I don't have one install in each game folder. I have one install, and several shortcuts, each of them specifying a configuration file.

There are two ways of directly launching an exe:
- putting it in the commande line
- using commands at the end of the configuration file.

I use the first option, meaning the shortcut for GP2 contains:
"D:\Jeux\DOSBox ECE r4432\DOSBox.exe" -conf "D:\Jeux\GP2\dosbox-ECE.conf" "D:\Jeux\GP2\GP2.exe"

Which wheel are you using ? To be able to use mine (logitech G27) in GP2, I left accelerator and brake uncombined, and once the game is launched, had to remap the axes in Dosbox: CTRL-F1, then click on each axis (Axis 1/2 (Controller1) and 3/4 (Controller2) section) to assign the axis of my wheel to an axis in Dosbox. I put the Wheel on Axis1/2 : X, throttle on Axis3/4: Y+ and brake on Axis3/4: X+.
Be sure to remove what is assigned by default on axes you won't use. (must be grayed out)

Then configure GP2 to use the correct axes, and calibrate controls.

It works when combining throttle and accelerator too, but you won't be able to brake and accelerate at the same time in the game in this case.

I had time this week-end so I started a new season on F1GP, 100%race, no help. I was a bit of a surprise, I had no real competition during the race: i won with 1'10 advance on the second, despite half a dozen spins when overtaking backmarkers and a broken wing thanks to my teammate blocking me from overtaking him the second time.
(and this, despite using the default setup and my absolute fear in the two high speed turns (7/8) in which I was at least 20-30kph below the AI speed.)

Hope the competition will be fiercer in Brazil, it was a blast to play.

When playing, I realized that the sounds ingame where much more agressive (engine and tyre sounds) than what PWM seems to get in his youtube videos. I'm wondering if there's a way to emulate a different sound card to get a better noise ?

edit : forget the last question: it's an issue with F1GP version: V1.03 vs V1.05.

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