F1 2002 extreme stuttering (XP)

Posted by belies 
F1 2002 extreme stuttering (XP)
Date: November 06, 2020 09:46PM
Posted by: belies

On all my Systems this Game make this Problem.

2x AMD-ATI-XP System. AM2+ und AM3+

Extreme stuttering and extreme higher on Rain.

Buy me also a AMD 2012 Dualcard Laptop

All other Games no Problem.

Superbike World Championship, Superbike 2000 und 2001. Mercedes Benz Truck Racing, F1 Racing Championship, Grand Prix 3 und 4.

Extreme 500 still Testing.

On win10 System, Warm_Up and Richard Burns Rally Standard.

F1 2002 also stutering on win10, bud Most on Rain.

F1 2002 is on Game Debate. All what is on Game Debate have this Problems and Never can be fixed.

Do you know how i can Play the Game on XP without stuttering ?

Thank You

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Re: F1 2002 extreme stuttering (XP)
Date: November 07, 2020 09:47AM
Posted by: pippozzo
All I can suggest. For windows 10 and games using DirectX9 or previous,
try DxWnd . It's a wrapper for old directX using the real hardware GPU.
Re: F1 2002 extreme stuttering (XP)
Date: November 07, 2020 03:17PM
Posted by: belies
Thank you
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