Grand Prix 2: Installing tracks on Windows 10

Posted by RegularJohn 
Grand Prix 2: Installing tracks on Windows 10
Date: June 10, 2019 10:36PM
Posted by: RegularJohn
Posting this here because I can't seem to register on

Want to revisit a classic using some mods but I have an issue installing tracks. Any time I try to do so using Fragata's Track Manager it throws me an error saying that it couldn't read or extract anything from any of the zip files. So I thought I'd try and do it manually but the EXE that uncompresses the JAM files doesn't work under Windows 10 (used to under my old Windows 7 machine, this one doesn't seem to like any DOS programs). Ideally I'd like Fragata's manager to work but I'm stumped as to what's causing it or how to fix it but I'm happy enough even just do to it manually. Anyone got any ideas?
Re: Grand Prix 2: Installing tracks on Windows 10
Date: June 24, 2019 08:46AM
Posted by: torana_05
Jeez Fragata Track Manager, what a blast from the past. I have not had any luck with Fragatas Track Manager for years. I think the last os i had it running well was in windows 2000 maybe xp but definitely not any newer. It just doesnt seem to run. Regarding the installing of the tracks. I install them into the gamejams folder with their correct folder name and extract the contents of the zip there and then point my dosbox to that location and run the jad2jam or convert exe to convert to jams.


Re: Grand Prix 2: Installing tracks on Windows 10
Date: July 16, 2019 01:11AM
Posted by: eky78
I´ve never used Fragata Track Manager so can´t help with that. About doing it manually, there is a convert.exe that works also on windows 10, so you don´t need to search every time through the folders with DOSBOX. If you want I could send it on yr mailbox.

The GP2 website now works again and you can try to register again.

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