Grand Prix 2 multi-session

Posted by minardi85 
Grand Prix 2 multi-session
Date: June 10, 2018 06:01PM
Posted by: minardi85
Hello everyone,

I still like playing Grand Prix 2 a lot but the one problem I have is that I like to play as the whole field and take turns driving each car. When I do this though, after I switch from one car to the next the previous car I controlled seems to go back to its default horsepower value. This is extremely noticeable when I use older carsets from the 50s or 60s which have very low horsepower as there will be cars going twice the speed of the cars I have yet to control. This basically just makes the race results the same as qualifying. It seems that this has been fixed in Grand Prix 3 through the GPX Patch. Would it take a similar fix to fix this issue in Grand Prix 2 or would it be something completely different that is probably not possible?
Re: Grand Prix 2 multi-session
Date: June 11, 2018 09:23PM
Posted by: pippozzo
both gp2edit and gp3edit have an option in performance -> car settings section called "car power fixed" or "selected team dependant" . or similar that.
Basically, by default is setted on fixed, and that means you as player in car have got the same horse power, also with more powered or less powred team.
If you change this option in your carset and export to game that, you will have horse power team dependant in base of the carset values.
But there is an other question.
The carsetup you can use as player, also if set separated carsetup for each round player, will be the same on driving by cpu. That means AI will try to drive
with the carsetup used by the player and it should be more faster or less faster than you (it depends by setup ) .
So, in any case, the pc will not remain on the same performance level showed by the player.
Re: Grand Prix 2 multi-session
Date: June 12, 2018 01:17AM
Posted by: minardi85
Yes, I do have the use selected team power checked in gp2edit. The power values are fine at first it's just when I go from one car to the next. When I end a turn in one car it goes back to the default horsepower value of GP2 (I believe 780bhp). It does this in GP3 but if in the GPXPatch under the GPXSet tab I select "Player Car Performance Team Dependent" and select "Power and Grip" from the drop down menu it sticks with the horsepower value selected in GP3 edit. I guess whatever value this overrides would need to be done in GP2 to fix this issue.
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