Best racing sim 2018

Posted by Slash 
Best racing sim 2018
Date: February 03, 2018 11:05PM
Posted by: Slash
Hey guys, just wondering what good racing sim are out there.

I've been away for years, i used to go at rfactor 1 and was pretty hardcore at it, however i want to return to racing and have seen some pretty vids but honestly in vids almost every sim seems the same now.
I've been inclined to get Asseto Corsa but it seems rFactor 2 is also a good option?.

Anyways i appreciate any response, thx a lot
Re: Best racing sim 2018
Date: March 18, 2018 02:34PM
Posted by: salvasirignano
Best physics and ffb -> Automobilista and rF2
Best graphics -> Project Cars 2
Best compromise -> Maybe Assetto Corsa, it has well implemented VR, and some great content, and decent physics, IMO a shade inferior to Automobilista and rF2 in that respect, as well as poorer AI.

I would say Automobilista is my favourite, the AI is on a par with GP4 in the latest build, it's brilliant! :-)
Has lots of great content unlike rF2 as well.

Tahitian GP Circuit
Easter Island Circuit
Re: Best racing sim 2018
Date: March 25, 2018 08:58AM
Posted by: Slash
Thanks a lot for the response, will choose between Automobilista and RF 2 then....

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