changing of email

Posted by Haldo 
changing of email
Date: August 02, 2002 03:12AM
Posted by: Haldo
I will change my email address, but when I go to My Profile, there is no way to do this. How can I change my email?

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Re: changing of email
Date: August 02, 2002 05:45AM
Posted by: Habi
choose "edit profile"

Re: changing of email
Date: August 02, 2002 06:50AM
Posted by: Vader
Obviously you cannot change your e-mail address, since it is linked to your log-in name. If you go to "edit profile"as Habi suggested, you will find that you cannot change the address. The only thing seems to be to register anewYou will then have to change your nickname as well, since the same log-in cannot be registered twice.

The best thing to do would be to send a mail to the webmasters and ask for their advice on that matter.

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