Using TSM without CSM

Posted by mortal 
Using TSM without CSM
Date: June 06, 2009 11:42AM
Posted by: mortal
To install tracks into TSM, There are two differing methods to perform this function.

The first and easiest way is when a track is released with the TSM extension, trackname.TUH then you double click on it and it will be automatically installed into TSM

The second way is as follows:

Open TSM and select Manage Tracks. Select CREATE a new track. Enter the trackname (that will be the folder name where the track files will be stored)
The main folder is tracks, a sub folder of your GP4 installation.

If you wish to do so enter the details for track author, country etc.
Then load the trackname.wad, trackname.dat, *****.bmp and ****.gpi files if they are are available.
Using magic data tab you can change parameters for the track.
When done SAVE from the magic data tab, that will ensure you do not have a random CTD.
When done, select Save Track. from the l/h configuration menu.

Repeat the process for additional tracks you may want to load into TSM.

Create a new profile, for example F1 2009 Season

Add your 17 tracks into that profile.
When done select LOADING/RESTORING to install the tracks.
All the tracks from the new profile will now be loaded into the main gp4 folder. They will appear in-game the order you have setup the profile.

When you are done playing it's better to UNINSTALL the tracks in TSM to avoid problems !!!

IMPORTANT: As long as the tracks are loaded in TSM, Do not make changes to the tracks in GP4 unless they are unloaded as this could cause problems.

This TSM guide provided by Steve, aka BayW (BigBrother)
Final edit by mortal

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