Lola BMS Scuderia Italia Ferrari T93-30 for 1993 MOD [56k Warning]

Posted by Öggo 
After having released all the top-team cars, it's time for the one that was probably the worst car on the grid during the 1993 Season. And probably also one of the longest names ever seen in F1: Lola BMS Scuderia Italia Ferrari T93-30! :)
Still the car has one of the most particular liveries I've seen, althought they had minor changes for almost all races. We've tried to make as much as we can, as always, but finding good photos of this car is quite hard. You'll find more in the final release of the mod though... :)
But... it's screenie-time! ;)

In-game screens:

... the usual renders! :)

And the download links!

GP4Italia: ->Click<- (Car + Liveries + Template)

stunning car as always, great work!

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"lol a lola.."

Looks brilliant as always.. ;>

Tasty! :)

Just my painting program(s) are still bit left behind to be able to paint on these your latest templates.. :/

Edit: Maybe 1 of the longest names, but far away from longest:

Lola BMS Scuderia Italia Ferrari T93-30
Lucky Strike Reynard British American Racing BAR Honda, BAR 02

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awesome, such a lovely livery with a simple plain and beautiful carshape, great work all involved :)

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Very nice
Thx fot that :)


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great great great, thx
cant wait for '93 mod.
Very good job and nice engine details.

Great car Diego.

If you need helmets for that car, just contact me.

P.s: Of course you beat my Lola T93/30!!!!


Stunning work Diego :)

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Re: Lola BMS Scuderia Italia Ferrari T93-30 for 1993 MOD [56k Warning]
Date: July 03, 2008 01:55PM
Posted by: Anonymous User
Amazing! You guys rocking da Club! :)

Which cars will close the MOD? Tyrell, Minardi and Sauber? Or will you also made the Footwork and Larrousse???
Stunning car, the mod progresses very well.

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A beauty! Bring on the full mod!!!! :)

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Fantastic job!!!

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OMG, with this car after finishing my exams i don't know if re-start to work on Misano or Kyalami 92/93 (all tracks're rF conversion)('cause i feel that the 1993 mod'll became one of the best mod for GP4, as for 1991)

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