Fongu's Workthread *New Downloads*

Posted by fongu 
Looks stunning.Thank you guys.
Beautiful car!

i always loved this car

<img src="[]; alt="[]; >
Looks incredible!! Thanks guys!! (Y)(Y)

Glenn (Cdn)
I've shared some more of my work in progress 1994 cars, more details on my blog here

You can now download my shapes of my Ligier and Williams and updated McLaren with very basic textures to play in-game.

I release these into the community so you can help me get these cars completed whilst I concentrate on other projects.

Fongu's Downloads
My GP4 and model review blog
Re: Fongu's Workthread *New Downloads*
Date: May 15, 2020 09:18PM
Posted by: kerleyf1
Thanks for share Kev! Great cars! Great (and sad) 94' season.


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