Fongu's Workthread **1995 Ferrari & 1994 McLaren released**

Posted by fongu 
great news :)
Great progress with these one Kev (Y) Keep up the great work :-)

It is always a pleasure to read your blog developpement, Kev! All these modifications and details added that makes the cars realistic in game! (Y):-)


Thanks for the support.

I've done some more work on the shape, and I think I'll stop now, it is complete enough, you can read more about it in my final update

Now I have backlog of cars to map :-o

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I'm a total dick. How many people can say that?
fongu Wrote:

> Now I have backlog of cars to map :-o

Who doesn't ?:-O
Stunning work.
I don't think I've known anyone who really likes the mapping side ;) but it's always satisfying once done :-)
Great progress Kev (y) Keep it up mate :-)

Brilliant work! I've just come back to GP4 after about 5 years not playing it and it's great to see familiar faces creating great work as usual!
brilliant car, Kev and your blog is very nice to read :)
i love the 90-2008 cars!! looks great!
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