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Posted by Xeltron245

Its all on the WSF page and in the forum.

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Re: GP4 World Series Hotlap League - Season 2
Date: March 31, 2007 05:43PM
Posted by: BenF1
Good to see this return, I hope that we have more competitors this time around. :)

Re: GP4 World Series Hotlap League - Season 2
Date: March 31, 2007 07:46PM
Posted by: SexySam182
Is it possible for me to join?

Re: GP4 World Series Hotlap League - Season 2
Date: March 31, 2007 10:46PM
Posted by: Xeltron245
Yeah new teams or drivers are needed.
Re: GP4 World Series Hotlap League - Season 2
Date: March 31, 2007 11:07PM
Posted by: Gusgus
Reports say that Honda and RedBull left FGM

Some observers asserted that today SGM-Honda ran a pre-season testing session without warning anybody. One of these observers also said that "Red Bull and Honda logos were removed from the car and that the car had no number on it. Anyway, FedEx and orange logos were still here". Gusgus Motorsports and FedEx are linked until the end of Season 2, but FGM never communicated the lenght of the contract between them and orange. "For sure it was Gusgus on the car, I recongnized his helmet. The livery was the same than last years' with some logos missing" declared another. All that means is that Gusgus Motorsports may have a new sponsor and a new engine. But who will sign with them ?

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Re: GP4 World Series Hotlap League - Season 2
Date: April 01, 2007 12:18PM
Posted by: Gusgus
FGM to run Daihatsu engines for Season 2

After yesterday's statements about the new partners of FGM, one of the observers could take a photo of the GM-01 wearing Daihatsu logos during another testing session. We could also see Pampers replacing RedBull as one of the primary sponsors. Click here to see this picture.

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Re: GP4 World Series Hotlap League - Season 2
Date: April 01, 2007 02:30PM
Posted by: SexySam182
Can I just run a 2001 Ferrari standard if I want? Cos I cant be arsed with car painting or anything

Re: GP4 World Series Hotlap League - Season 2
Date: April 01, 2007 04:50PM
Posted by: KGrant
I might try this as well using a 2006 mcclaren.

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Re: GP4 World Series Hotlap League - Season 2
Date: April 03, 2007 12:22PM
Posted by: fongu
if i had the time i'd love to hotlap again, but Saturday's are not a good day :(

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Re: GP4 World Series Hotlap League - Season 2
Date: April 03, 2007 03:55PM
Posted by: Xeltron245
Sorry about that fongu nothing i can do saturday is going to have to be the day.
I'd like to do it too but the time is a bit limited - why not keep it open for a week or so?
How would you hceck the time anyway?


@Xeltron : I have to agree 1 day is still really short. In an other league I run, the competitors have 3 days to pst their times, and they still find it really short...

@b-tone : I don't know how Xeltron wants to check the time, but in the league I run, you have to post a screenshot and the report given by a little program that reads a save game. Then, you have to send the file saved during the game (Pressing ESC > Options > Save > Hotlap) to an email adress. And doing this, it's nearly impossible to cheat, because we can open the lap ingame and see it.

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The new GM-WS02 revealed

FGM revealed today his new car, constructed at the team's base located in Valence, France. Significant changes has been made to the shape of the car. All the aspect have been improved. The most significant change concerns the engine. This has been a huge surprise to know that, as rumors reported, Honda left the team despite his success last year, so did RedBull, and now, the engine is supplied by Gusgus Motorsports Technologies (GMT), society part of the Gusgus Motorsports group. The team announced it is ready to supply engines to other teams. RedBull has been replaced by Olympus. The livery kept the same colors, a Black/Blue with white/orange lines combination. The number 1 witnesses last year's performance.

An other announcement has been made concerning the 2nd driver : FGM is pleased to announce Ben "BenF1" Parker stays 2nd driver after his good performances last year. The team hopes more consistancy from him.

But let's see the car in his shakedown at Magny-Cours :

Official team details :

Official name : FedEx Gusgus Motorsports
Short name : FGM
Engines : Gusgus Motorsports Technologies (GMT)
Tyres : Bridgestone
Colour Scheme : Black/Blue with White/Orange lines
Driver 1 : Marc "Gusgus" Lucio (#1)
Driver 2 : Ben "BenF1" Parker (#2)
Test Driver 1 : Nobody for now
Test Driver 2 : Nobody

Comments will be highly welcomed ;-)

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Car looks good GusGus, I wonder if you'd be so kind as to PM me some tips for car editing, as I'd like to create my own for this years competition ;)

Many thanks

Do we have to go through this again and again Gusgus. I want variation. If we ran it for a week giving people plenty of time to set times it would be the people who were really good coming top every week. Last year hundredths were between cars at times. That makes it more exciting. I have the feeling that wouldnt happen if an increase was made. I may consider opening it for the entire Saturday and Sunday but thats as far as its going. That will happen for the first test session this year scheduled for this weekend. Saturday and Sunday at Nurburgring 2001 layout. All teams are welcome to enter and we will see if the whole weekend thing works and is still competitive.
I'm with Gusgus on this one Xeltron, it really only works if you have a few days to send times in. This lets you explore new setup possiblities, find the limits more etc. If you just have 1 day then you are restricted. I feel it should be run over a Saturday/Sunday/Monday to give people more of a chance to compete.

How about announcing the track just before the session starts so no one can be testing there in advance?


It will go to 2 days for now. I will review the situation after this weekend's test session but should the verdict be no then could everyone please take that answer and not bring this up again. There is a chance of 4 days but that is max being discussed.
Me and Gusgus have come to an agreement. You will have 4 days (Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday) to set race times. Test drivers will also be allowed to compete but they will not be able to score points.
would it be ok if i compete again?

the increase in days to post time would help alot as i'm always busy during the weekends, and found it really hard to squeeze in a time before i had to go to work.

i know that there is history between what happened with jorge, but hopefully we can move from that, i know i've got no problems with anyone here.

so if you can welcome me back, i'd like to start fresh with a new team:

Con Vit Dien Racing
engine: Ferrari
Tyres: Bridgestone
Colour Scheme: Black F2007 ;)
Dirver1: ralv585

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