hagi's helmets (56k warning)..........Kovalainen and D. Patrick on page 16

Posted by hagi 
AWESOME!!!! mate really wonderful
Great helmets :)

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great helmets!! Im searching for Danica Patrick's helmet, is that one released? :)

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don't think so, but you can try this one while you wait if you want


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Sorry, I'd forgottten to upload Danica - get her now: [www.gp4db.com] :)


mate, any chance of you doing a Jérôme d'Ambrosio helmet? That would be awesome. He has that cool retro Thierry Boutsen lookalike helmetdesign!
I should have a d'ambrosio helmet on my pc, if you want it I can try and search it, just pm me :)

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have you released the helmets in the first couple of pages ???

Sorry to bump the thread but does any one have Rubens Barrichello's helmet from this set

The file is corrupted at Italia and only half the helmets are there at GP4DB :(

I'd really like to get it

I know its in the 2005 mod, but I'd like the original .tga

Also the NT helmets, any chance anyone has them

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hey guys ..
the christian klien helmet of 2008 looks great .. but unfortunately the link doesn't works :(

can some one send me this helmet pls?
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