GPGSL S16 - Round 9 - Cheese, Make United States Grate Again Grand Prix - Road America

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natasp schrieb:
> Can someone provide me the track please?

S13 tackpack has it, just change the rain chance accordingly

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The perfs look good...
Just relaxing now and building myself up for next round.

Greetings from Belgium and a nice weekend to you all.


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natasp schrieb:
> I can give it a try next week, but if anyone else
> is willing to run, please go ahead

thanks, you are keeping this alive honestly speaking

used to be GPGSL's Nick Heidfeld
That's a shame, I thought that at the beginning of the season more people said that they will do RD duties like Jeroen Buitenhuis.

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I'm a total dick. How many people can say that?
I am running out of maple syrup, is this race going ahead? lol
Putting off the snow on track.

Castello Schreef:
> I am running out of maple syrup, is this race goin
> g ahead? lol

Cars got stuck somehow with very sticky slick tyres.

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I'm a total dick. How many people can say that?
Sorry guys, it will be posted in the weekend

Castello schrieb:
> I am running out of maple syrup, is this race goin
> g ahead? lol

you could run it yourself

used to be GPGSL's Nick Heidfeld
Well said.

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I'm a total dick. How many people can say that?
GPGSL S16 Round 08 - Canadian GP

Welcome back to another round of the GPGSL, here are the results for the free practice and qualifying

Free Practice


15th, it is what it is ...
Lets hope for something better in the race.

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Pretty close first rows! Should be a very tough battle for the win in this race.

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P9 - Not too bad considering there's no boosts within the team.
Found some performance in the package this weekend, you love to see it. So close to a pole though does hurt.
Nice result in FP

X (@ed24f1)
i will take that thank you very much! :)

Pace is not at all there this weekend it seems. Let's try to at least finish the race.

Kimi forever!
7th? Could be worse... Let's go...


GPGSL S16 Round 08 - Canadian GP - Race Day

Welcome back to the race day here at Montreal, we have a dry weather today, and without further ado, let's go to the race

They are all set, Elleker and Buitenhuis in the front row

And away they go

Elleker is able to mantain his 1st place

Keranen and Beggani might be in trouble

Pedersen overtakes Keranen to take the 3rd place for himself, meanwhile Szucs also overtook Beggani to 5th place

Keranen's teammate Paulo Silva in 7th

Ancevski in 10th after the first corners

Elleker is completing his first lap

Gustavo tries an overtake on Ancevski

Good job by the Brazilian

Championship contender De Bruyker trying to overtake Cronin

But he is not allowed to

Here's how the top 10 changed since the start

De Bruyker finally overtakes Cronin

But the Britishman goes off track in the last corn

Which allows Majumdar to also overtake him

The same goes for Stoddart

Stoddart wants more, he is now trying to overtake Majumdar

And away he goes

Alfadil also overtook Cronin

Parachki overtakes Karda for the 15th place

O'Neill just stopped his car

Transmission problem, he is out of the race

The leaders so far are all in close range

Buintenhuis might have some problems between both Christels

Sheppard in a good 8th place

Hinz tries to overtake Ancevski

He is able to complete the overtake, and Ancevski puts one tyre in the sand

This allows Caranti to also overtake him

De Bruyker overtakes Karda

De Los Rios also overtakes the Czech

Not so fast actually

Karda is able to hold De Los Rios behind

Stoddart locks his tyres

He goes for a little offroad adventure

And returns in last place, not a good season for the GPGSL big boss

De Los Rios finally overtakes Karda

Keranen is on the grass

Another Transmission problem

A real shame, he was having a good race

Hinz is the first to stop

Gustavo overtakes Hinz

And the German goes off track

He returns in front of Caranti

And they crash

Luckily both cars seem to be okay

Caranti remains behind Hinz

Elleker returns after his pit stop just a little ahead of Buitenhuis

Beggani is stuck in the sandbox

He was trying to overtake Cronin

And they touched

Both cars went into the sand

Cronin was able to return, but Beggani is not going anywhere

The standings after the round of pit stops

Bruyker overtakes Ancevski

Once again a driver puts one tyre in the sand

This allows Hinz to also overtake him

Hinz is not done as he also overtakes De Bruyker

Ancevski wants his position back

He overtakes De Bruyker

In the following lap, De Bruyker overtakes him back

At the back Stoddart overtakes Alfadil

Silva and Szucs are fighting for the 4th place

Szucs is able to hold the Portuguese driver

De Bruyker retakes his position from Hinz

Szucs and Silva again

Szucs closes the door at the last second, and they touch

With just 5 laps remaining, this may be a disaster for both drivers

They are able to get off the sandbox

The replay shows the exactly moment of the crash

Fortunately both are able to stay in the race, without losing any positions

Majumdar overtakes De Los Rios for the 14th place

Silva once agains tries to overtake Szucs

This time the Hungarian does not fight back, and Silva takes the 4th place

Sheppard may also try something at the end against him

Ancevski overtakes Hinz to take the 11th place

Elleker wins the Canadian GP

Buitenhuis in 2nd

Pedersen in 3rd

Full race results

Best Laps

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