Ferrari - F150 Update

Posted by MaisonTeles 
Ferrari - F150 Update
Date: September 26, 2022 04:30PM
Posted by: MaisonTeles
Hello friends, I verified in the 2011 season that the ferrari that was launched by jucksman, Isaint and updated by Josekast was with the red color not compatible with the real life one, so I took the liberty of painting it as close as possible to her reality in season 2011, I want to put this work for download, but I await the authorization of the authors jucksman and Isaint, thank you in advance!

Note, this first image is her default color from release at the time by GP4 friends.

Note, these 4 images are the new painting I did for her, I looked through photos and videos and put the red one as close as possible!

I await the authorization of the authors, being authorized I will put the credits!

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Re: Ferrari - F150 Update
Date: September 28, 2022 04:45AM
Posted by: pauloderpich
Looking really good!
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