F1 Pirelli 2022 - Tyres & Rims by Excalibur [Released]

Posted by Excalibur 
laazio écrivait:
> Sorry guys to bothering u, i noticed that this
> part of the tyres doesn't rotate at different
> speed like the tyrewall, it remains the same
> [i.ibb.co]
> [i.ibb.co]
> [i.ibb.co]
> is it fixable?
> thanks.

Yes, it is to keep the details of the tyre gum in game. No importance. It is necessary for the intermediate and wet tyres, particulary.


Superb news Arnaud!

Thank you again for share this incredible work!


thank you very much!
Thanks Arnaud! Amazing job (again...)

Mods & Tracks for GP4 - [www.mediafire.com]

Keeping alive the GP4
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