Fictitious circuit in the Castellana - Madrid

Posted by lagmvdlav 
Fictitious circuit in the Castellana - Madrid
Date: May 07, 2022 02:20PM
Posted by: lagmvdlav
Hello all

I have built a fictitious circuit located in Castellana - Madrid and I would like to upload it to this platform so that everyone who wants to can use it. I have made a zip with all the components of the circuit (.dat, .wad, .gpi and .bmp) but I don't know how I can upload it, if someone can help me I will appreciate it.

Thanks and good day
It's always great, if users are creating new tracks (Y). For the upload, you have to use an upload service like mediafire or google drive. Probably you have to create an account there, upload it and simply post the link here.
Thanks klausfeldman

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Sorry, below the link:

Enjoi it.

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As a local from Madrid, I was very excited to see a circuit in my city.
It's very good!


Below is the link with the map of Madrid and the route of the circuit

Yes. Yesterday I did a few laps and I recognized the areas by the layout and by the buildings. It's very good.
Great work!

Mods & Tracks for GP4 - []

Keeping alive the GP4
Wow, I just drove this circuit. It's a quite entertaining and very exciting layout! Very inspired! I would like to see real Formula 1 on this circuit.

Maybe someone wants to add just a few runoffs here and there and some more graphical objects to the circuit. Then we would have a real great track here, that's for sure (Y)! Very good work!
Re: Fictitious circuit in the Castellana - Madrid
Date: May 10, 2022 08:51AM
Posted by: Soutsen
could anyone make a video showcase for this track?

For a list of EVERY download for GP4, look here:[]
Many thanks! Great work!
Another Spaniard here, so nice to see new circuits from my country :)
Re: Fictitious circuit in the Castellana - Madrid
Date: June 16, 2022 05:04PM
Posted by: viking75
Very amazing track, lagmvdlav, thanks for sharing your work ;-)
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