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Posted by JohnWarrington 
Re: F1 Manager - 2006 Season [R9: Canadian Grand Prix]
Date: January 04, 2022 05:49PM
Posted by: Parachki
Red Bull

Can’t say we’re excited about the practice results. The faster time was set by our test driver and he did pretty well today. Qualifying should give us a clear indication of our pace.

Toro Rosso

A similar situation like at the main team. It’s really a “Dawn of the test drivers” at both Toro Rosso and Red Bull. Let’s see what will happen tomorrow.


Decent 1 lap pace again, hopefully the race pace is there to back it up

Christel VXR: S12 onwards | Wins: 3 | Poles: 3 | Fastest Laps: 2
Re: F1 Manager - 2006 Season [R10: United States Grand Prix]
Date: January 04, 2022 08:26PM
Posted by: Dom
I'd like to resign as team manager of BMW Sauber.

I'm getting more and more busy now so I have less time for this series, and I guess it would make sense from a realism standpoint considering our placement in the championship :)

Dominik Karda | MAC Racing - #3 - Race Driver

Our pace looks good in practice, but it'll be certainly a tough challenge for us in qualifying. We'll try to get at least a good qualifying result from there.


Looks like Andre's lap time in practice is good news. We'll see how the qualifying goes which it'll give us the clear view.

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Red Bull

A great session for Kimi, the usual top 5 finish. Can’t say the same for Kamui, Ammermüller had a much better run in the practice session.

Toro Rosso

Don’t expect to finish higher than P15 without any accidents.


How close was that from Felipe, P2 but very close behind Montoya! Hopefully Nick finally has a good race after a run of bad lucks in the past few races.


Not a bad qualifying for us. P9 and P10 seems very much a good starting point. Let's hope we at least score something in the race.

Another pole, how close was that.

Christel VXR: S12 onwards | Wins: 3 | Poles: 3 | Fastest Laps: 2

Really close gaps. Points are our target in the race.
2006 United States Grand Prix

Hello and welcome to the 2006 United States Grand Prix. Juan-Pablo Montoya took pole for Mclaren ahead of Felipe Massa. Will he extend his championship lead? Let's find out.

Lap 1/73

It's lights out and away we go.

Montoya retains the lead through the 1st corner.

A good start for Coulthard, he's up to 3rd.

Lap 2/73

The race order after the opening lap.

Lap 3/73

Webber passes Glock for 8th.

Lap 4/73

Heidfeld looks to be slowing.

Whilst that is happening Coulthard passes Massa for 2nd.

And Raikkonen passes Button for 5th.

Lap 5/73

Heidfeld has stopped on the racing line on the start-finish straight!!!

The majority miss the German.

But Glock isn't so lucky.

He continues minus a front wing and will have to pit.

It was a transmission problem for Heidfeld.

Lap 6/73

Barrichello retires with a throttle problem.

Lap 7/73

Somewhere in the chaos, Sato has moved up to 3rd.

Webber has moved up to 6th.

Lap 13/73

Webber passes Raikkonen for 5th.

Lap 15/73

Trulli passes Lotterer for P9.

Lap 17/73

Webber takes 4th from Massa.

Lap 18/73

Villeneuve makes a move for P10.

Lap 20/73

Raikkonen takes P5.

Lap 25/73

Massa loses another position, this time to Button.

Lap 26/73

Massa takes back the position in the pits.

Lap 27/73

Going long has worked well for Kobayashi, he's up to 12th behind Trulli.

Lap 32/73

Lotterer, the only man not to pit yet, leads the race. Is he trying to do a 1 stop?

Lap 33/73

Here's the current race order.

Lap 34/73

Oh no, disaster for Massa. He's got a throttle problem and has to pit again.

Lap 42/73

Looks like Villeneuve has a problem.

A transmission problem ends his race.

Lap 43/73

Lotterer is definitely trying a 1 stop. He's going backwards down the field on heavy fuel.

Lap 44/73

An excellent scrap going on atm between Trulli and Kobayashi for P8.

Lap 47/73

Sato moves into P2 past Coulthard.

Lap 59/73

A problem for Sato! This could be massive for the championship battle.

A loose wheel ends his race.

Lap 60/73

With the 2nd round of stops done, here's the order.

Lap 67/73

Button passes Lotterer for 5th.

Lap 73/73

Juan-Pablo Montoya wins the United States Grand Prix.

Coulthard comes home 2nd.

Raikkonen 3rd.

Team Manager news

Following the resignation of Dom as manager of BMW Sauber, Jops has agreed to step in and manage the team.

There are also concerns for the activity of two other managers which will be addressed after the 2nd midseason test in 2 1/2 weeks time.

Red Bull

It’s always great when we see Kimi on the podium. We hope that Williams’ woes give us a chance to get ahead of them. In terms of the rumours about our drivers, we will give a definitive answer in the next couple of races.

Toro Rosso

Finally both cars finish the race, which is great, considering the reliability issues we have had for the last couple of races.


It's just painful to watch our cars having problems every race, meaning we seriously have reliability problems now. We're in so much under pressure here and have to get those problems fixed as soon as possible.


Andre delivers 3 points with a good race. Timo was unlucky man after not expecting Williams car to be standing on the middle of the track. Otherwise, it's been a good day for the team again.

Well.. at least both drivers crossed the finish line. Gaps are not big, but we need still find more pace.

That couldnt have gone much better, Great drive from both drivers putting some big points on the board

Christel VXR: S12 onwards | Wins: 3 | Poles: 3 | Fastest Laps: 2

Double retirement really spells disaster for our championship bid, Montoya is so consistent I can't see how we can pull it back, we'll fight on.

BMW Sauber

Delighted to also step in to manage BMW from this point forward, I don't really have much comment to make on this weekends race because Trulli is probably getting fired points or no points. This team is a great opportunity for us to develop some younger drivers
Red Bull

Hopefully we can keep the form we have in qualifying. However Kamui should try and do better.

Toro Rosso

Rosberg looks fast, maybe he can qualify higher than 16th.


Nakajima with his best practice of the season so far which is promising.

Christel VXR: S12 onwards | Wins: 3 | Poles: 3 | Fastest Laps: 2

Nick seems to be shaping pretty good in practice. Hope it stays that way for him in qualifying. Jose appears to be slower somehow, he might need to up his pace.


We've looked to be pretty promising with our practice times. That might deliver some good news for us, but we shouldn't be too upbeat and confident before qualifying.
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