[released] GP4 physics, torque and performance calculator (PHYSICS EXPORT FUNCTION ADDED!)

Posted by Carl_gpgames 

I spent 100+ hours trying to find proper values for physics, torque and performance in GP4. Well, not much more to say.
The calculator is quite powerful, giving you the chance to calculate realistic phyiscs and performance with information you find in the internet.
There is still much space for improvment, so i'm happy for any suggestions.

One learning: Physics in GP4 have way more values than Aubrey Windle's GP4 Physics editor is able to edit. This means the best way to edit gp4 physics is editing the exe with a hex editor.
Also have a look to prblancos find regarding the missing weight value.

Thank you to prblanco for disassembling and exploring the gp4.exe, for the vba-code, for letting me use his performance calculator as a base for my work and for teaching me mathematics and physics. :-)

Physics and Torque Calculator preview:

Performance calculator preview:

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Congratulations on the release Carl. Surely this will only become more and more detailed as we continue to unravel GP4's inner mysteries ;-)

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I understand nothing in perf for GP4 ;) but great work


Hats off to you Carl, seriously amazing stuff my friend! Thank you for sharing! (Y)

Having witnessed some of this in the making, this is a truly monumental work, I just hope there is enough talent around to make the most of it.

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Excellent job, Carl. Thank you so much for such a huge effort.

Stunning! Thanks!

Mods NO-CSM LJack
All you did is combine 2 existing tools that we already had.

Torque calculator was published by Patrick Closterman in 2006, sugested by me because i gave him the idea.
You can look into the credits of the work if you dont believe me
Link to the file: [www.mediafire.com]

The second tool is the physics editor that you described.

Nothing new to me.

Nice work, Carl (Y)

used to be GPGSL's Nick Heidfeld
All you did is combine 2 existing tools that we already had.

Hi Jorge, glad to see you back in the forum.
Not really, the tools you mentioned are editors, my tool is a calculator which helps to find the right values for the physics and torque editor. that's the difference.

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Thanks Carl for this great utility!

Another great asset for GP4 released by Carl, hats off.

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I'm a total dick. How many people can say that?
Thank you Carl for great work and research for this calculator.

Really useful to past (and future), seasons for GP4. ;-)


Kkkk... good to know that there is continuity. ;-)


RELEASE => Physics (under FIA Technical Regulations)
MagicDatas? Setups? Pit Stop Strategies? Track Specific Performances? Up2Date GP?
Power Torque Curve? Where's this stuff? All download is available at ..
Great!!! Carl!!!

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I take off my hat and salute you Carl! wonderful app
Major update!

Thanks to prblanco's help, you can now export physics (incl. torque!) as well.
In the sheet patch.ini you can now generate a code which contains all (including the values which were missing in the original phyiscs editor) known and unknown physics values. simply copy this code to the file patch.ini which is located in the settings folder of a csm mod. Just make sure to delete all existing physics and torque files in your mod before you do so (since gpxpatch patches shared memory but no the exe, it would just overwrite our code if you leave these files).
optionally you can use a hex editor to edit your gp4.exe.

Also i have added all unknown values related to the car physics in the gp4.exe.
If you find out what these values are about, please let me know.

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Great update, thanks.

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I'm a total dick. How many people can say that?
More game changing stuff, incredible work Carl and Prblanco, so much potential here.

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Superb guys! Thanks Carl and Prblanco!


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