GPGSL S15 - R10: Dutch Grand Prix - Emmeloord

Posted by GPGSL 
That spin cost me some points finishing in 21st, but I did get second best lap.

A dreadful wet race that at gave us some exciting moments.

Congrats to Toby for gettig some points for the team.


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Re: GPGSL S15 - R7 - Brazilian GP [FP & Q on p 49]
Date: May 16, 2022 12:02PM
Posted by: shep34
@#$%& weather, fantastic coverage. Horrible results for DMR’s drivers….. is this season over yet??

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nice coverage, awful result

Not a good race, but we'll bounce back

IndyCar: (has crazy rain race)
GPGSL: Hold my beer.

The race was a delight to watch, beautiful screenshots, superb broadcast.

Our race however... I'm just not ready to talk about it :(

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Re: GPGSL S15 - R7 - Brazilian GP [FP & Q on p 49]
Date: May 16, 2022 06:07PM
Posted by: X_Acto
Great coverage! More or less decent result for me and a amazing victory for Nico.

Nice one, mate! Congratulations...


Re: GPGSL S15 - R7 - Brazilian GP [FP & Q on p 49]
Date: May 16, 2022 07:23PM
Posted by: ooleeeo
Wow, what a race! Such a great comeback after the first lap incident!(Y)

Kimi forever!
Too good to be true I guess ;) thanks to the team for the amazing car, luck wasn’t on our side

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Re: GPGSL S15 - R7 - Brazilian GP [FP & Q on p 49]
Date: May 17, 2022 11:00AM
Posted by: kedy89
Not so good result, guess I'll have to RD myself again


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I must've spun or got held up on my first run for it to be a second slower than the fastest time. And the weather getting worse just made it impossible to get a better laptime. As for the race it was a good performance from both drivers to score a double points finish, though it could've been more had De Bruyker not spun while attempting his move.

Very happy with 4th. A good result for us in very tricky conditions with a bit of luck not to spin on the grass.

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Re: GPGSL S15 - R7 - Brazilian GP [FP & Q on p 49]
Date: May 17, 2022 12:53PM
Posted by: JayB_7
Decent result for the team! Some close battles with Vitor on the last lap, glad we both made it to the finish line in one piece!

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yes ! yes ! yes !

I love rain ! (in fact no, i'm from mediterranean french riviera )

Best Italian gift so far.

Kudos to Nico for his first win, great race mate.

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Jesus, this race was crazy

First: I almost hit my teammate
Second: all the time I was overtaking someone and all the time someone was overtaking me
Third: I lost the fight with Jeroen on the last lap

anyway, it was a decent race for the team. Even without boost, we ended up in the points again

Great coverage

It's funny, I've overtaken and been overtaken so many times...
...but in the end I finished in the same position I started :/

Thanks ! I will drink it with delectation.
Just three words...
'Very bad race'
and sorry to Carlos for hitting you in the back and ruining our race.

Marcus :(

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Is the season over yet?!

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Re: GPGSL S15 - R7 - Brazilian GP [FP & Q on p 49]
Date: May 19, 2022 10:01AM
Posted by: GPGSL
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